Sunday, February 13, 2011

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

MoveOn and CREDO and who knows whom else are doing the big 'Save NPR & PBS' from the Republicans email sweep.

I sent frank replies, with links to this blog, but I expect I will be the party pooper to the believers. Nevertheless, it's a time to get the word out.

Vive L'Egypte 2011!

gDog said...

America's Leading Public Radio Fails to Explain Itself

It was surreal to listen to this On the Media interrogation of an Egyptian media propagandist who is made to confess his sins...with the net effect that NPR is granted "holier than thou" status as a group whose impeccability is hereby implicit. Certainly our diet would never be filtered by Pentagon/Wall St. influence. No no. Banish the thought that need not even be banished for never having even occurred.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile at "pledge central" there have been miricles galore all week. From Saturday afternoon when they needed 120k until Monday morning they raised 40k (?) so now they only need 85k at the start of a re-newed pledge drive. The "messaging" at WHYY reflects the "messaging" at the NPR network - Just send the damn money! and we'll tell you what's going on.

I ran across a plug for NPR and there's Jackie N all gussied up in her public radio flak jackets and body armor (as if . . .) interviewing (or perhaps just getting her fax from JSOC) some guy that looks just like her in his matching US Army flak jacket and body armor. Bet the cover of her next book is there already.


Anonymous said...

Assange has it right.

And not because he is biased and self-serving.

..but because he is logical and analytical.

...not a twit like Mark Memmot and others at NPR who have tried to poo-poo Wikileaks role in the popular revolution sweeping the Middle east.

You really DO have to be an idiot (or just plain dishonest) NOT to recognize that wikileaks has had a significant impact.

Are we really supposed to believe (as the clowns at NPR would have us believe) that it was just pure COINCIDENCE that soon after wikileaks released the cables of US diplomatic officials talking about the corruption of the Tunisian officials the people of Tunisia rose up and ousted their leader, and protests then spread to Egypt and other countries?

I would love to see two things: Assange awarded a Nobel Peace Prize and NPR shut down entirely.

But I'd settle for the latter. :)

Assange Hails WikiLeaks Role in Middle East Revolt -- Published on Sunday, February 13, Agence France-Presse

Following are quotes from the above
"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Sunday said his site was "significantly influential" in the fall of Tunisian leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, an event he said "no doubt" sparked a Middle East revolt
"It does seem to be the case that material we published through a Lebanese newspaper, Al Akhbar, was significantly influential to what happened in Tunisia," Assange told the SBS program Dateline.

"And then there's no doubt that Tunisia was the example for Egypt and Yemen and Jordan, and all the protests that have happened there," he added.

Patrick Lynch said...

I've gotten multiple posts from Facebook friends with the MoveOn link. Whenever I try to disavow anyone of their unexamined notions about NPR I end up often feeling like the guy with the signboard that says the end is near.

But then, tilting at windmills is a specialty of mine.

Anonymous said...


Moveon or Moron?

NPR needs to be saved from itself. IN fact, the folks at NPR are the ONLY ones who can do it.

But it won't happen, cuz the folks at NPR are like alcoholics in denial, convinced that they HAVE no drinking problem.

Which is actually kind of good, in a weird way.

Since pulling my hair out is counterproductive anyway, I've decided to try to enjoy watching NPR slide in a drunken stupor (and stupider) into the gutter* before the Republicans finally put them out of their misery (ie, pull the plug on public funding for all their member stations so they can no longer afford to buy NPR programming, which will shrink NPR down considerably, if not put them out of business entirely)

*NPR actually started their final slide into the gutter with their shameless support for Mubarak and Torture Master Suleiman.

Porter Melmoth said...

Ages after his confessional was published, NPR finally got access to The Donald Rumsfeld's dance card.

What resulted was a dueling of the egomaniacs. Inskreep was determined to 'do a McNamara' on Rummy, and Rummy used his incredible charm to imply that Inskreep was somehow 'strange'. His trademark feistiness, which only made his voice sound reedy once, was kept in check, though he seemed to regard Steven as a pesky insect.

It made for gigantic radio.

Inskreep's big innovative, bottom-line question: was it worth all the mess just to bump off Saddam? Well of course Rummy's gonna say yes.

My big bottom-line question: how many book sales resulted in this NPR interview? I ask Rummy: was it worth it?

Porter Melmoth said...

Here's a PS from the CREDO email about saving NPR/PBS from the Boners:

"P.S. It's been said that NPR receives 98% of its funding from non-government sources. But that's highly misleading. The government — through the Center for Public Broadcasting — provides a significant source of funding for NPR and NPR member stations."

Go Boners, go!

Anonymous said...

Before the Tea party and the "liberal" Democrats decide to de-fund NPR they may want to take a look at this "interview" by Inskeep. A guy that, if he was African or serbian, would be in the Hague gets the Inskeep treatment which washes all moral considerations under the bus where they belong.


Porter Melmoth said...

PS on Rummy’s addition to the Bush/Blair/Feith Library of True Neocon History: in gangland etiquette, it is always acceptable to bump off your pals if they double cross you or get uppity or don’t stay bought. Former pal Saddam had it coming after he refused offers he couldn’t refuse. The Don was in the thick of all that, as we very well know.

It’s also good gangland manners to let your supposed enemies escape. Rummy accidentally revealed to Inskreep that he’s on a first name basis with Bin Laden. The Don to Osama: ‘We’ll bomb the shit out of Tora Bora, which’ll cover your getaway… Then I’ll dump the blame on Tommy Franks, who always follows orders.’

Osama needed The Don as much as The Don needed (and still needs) Osama.

Porter Melmoth said...

PPS: In the Inskreep interview, I'm surprised Rummy didn't take credit for the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, having paved the way for the heathen after 'liberating' Iraq and all. (Assange in comparison is a punk nobody.)

But, being the good honest Neocon that he is, and as a leading soldier against democracy, he couldn't possibly do so.

However, he may have wished that he had taken credit, as the domino effect in the region opens up all sorts of Neocon dreams. The advent of Greater Israel might be at hand, what with the Prophet Glennbeck's forecast of The Caliphate's certain return!

Rummy may have to reinvent himself for a 4th Act.

Stay tuned for the big new movie version, starring Arnie Schwartzenegger in his triumphant return to acting as the Evil Caliph, and Chuck Norris as the Avenging Angel.

geoff said...

Dear MoveOn member,

Amazing. Since Friday, more than 400,000 people have signed the petition telling Republicans to keep their hands off of federal funding for PBS and NPR.

The veal pen bursteth outward. Don't take away our comfortable sense of exceptional greatness couched in cooing lady chirps and sonorous faux intellect man resonance! What will we do in our cars without it?

Porter Melmoth said...

Geoff, they're just not leaving me alone, either. And after I sent them a stinging reply, too.

""Amazing. Since Friday, more than 400,000 people have signed the petition telling Republicans to keep their hands off of federal funding for PBS and NPR.

We're trying to get a half-million signatures before we deliver the petitions tomorrow to help the Public Broadcasting Caucus fight back in the House. Will you add your name?""


Porter Melmoth said...

One more: CREDO has added Pacifica to their NPR/PBS list.

Anonymous said...

What I love is that NPR uses air time (and employees) paid for with public funding to make sure that that funding is not cut.

If that's not the very definition of CORRUPTION, I don't know what is.

JayV said...

I'm in Vermont and over the weekend happened to tune into to the middle of a fundraising promo with folks at On the Media. As a fine example of NPR journalism and reason to donate, they promoted a broadcast of the marvelous Alicia Shephard's defending NPR's policy of not calling torture, torture. No joke. My jaw dropped.

Porter Melmoth said...

The Blob Siegel giggles his way through a Laugh Factory profile today. Yes, he CAN giggle. And he just plain laughs, too. Most fitting. He's a shoe-in for a 'gag' guest hosting of 'Car Talk', that witty home of the self-congratulatory professional laughers.

This from a guy who's supposedly at the very apex of NPR.

This shows NPR's inarguable diversity. Blobby shall not be stereotyped, as he can do it ALL.

I know, I'm commenting too much here.

informedveteran said...

Seems like some of my brothers here need cheering up. Here’s something to make you smile. Click on the number at the end and you can listen to the audio. It needs updated but is still too funny. Number 13 is about the Pentagon’s “Message Force Multipliers”.

larry, dfh said...

Mon, Valentine's Day, michelle martin on 'Tell Me Whatever' had emanuel cleaver jr. as a guest. Head of the Black Congressional Caucus. They were talking budget. And cleaver was going on-and-on about 'entitlements', including S.S., and how they, including S.S. are unsustainable. Not one single time did hostess martin mention the current solvency of S.S. It could have been a Laurel and Hardy routine: now feed me another line, Stanley. Stinking, fetid piece of neo-lib crap!

gDog said...

All in All is CPR's weakly attempt to bring what's behing the news in front of the news and leave it there. I'm Aviva Schlarman in Washington.

This week the DOD announced that it would stop giving special briefings to military analysts who appear on television news networks and here on CPR. The NYT has reported that those briefings were designed to spread the Pentagon's view of the Iraq war under the guise - and gals - of independent analysis. CPR's special correspondent Milton Getzler has been talking to our own military analyst who is retired Maj Gen Oliver Killman about these briefings and here's his report.

You've heard Maj Killman on these microphones perhaps hundreds of times, but never before in CPR's new role as military analysis analyst. Gen. Killman, welcome back.

Thankyou Milton, you got new drapes.

The studio has been freshened up a bit, yes, sir. Gen. Killman, how do you analyze the Pentagon's decision to end its briefings with the military analysts?\

Milton, I look at it the way I look at any military campaign. That's really only one of two perspectives that I can use, frankly.

mmm. Just out of curiosity, what's the other one?

Well, if it helps my company land a defense contract.

Well, I think we'd agree that you've chosen the appropriate way of looking at it.

I think so, so the Pentagon has, or had an objective to oppose an overly negative view of what the Pentagon does. It's target was hearts and minds, a target the folks in the military have a familiarity with, the only difference being these hearts and minds belong to our own populace.

So, a closer, more familiar target.

That's right. So you could look at it as a classic "pincers" maneuver. In which the analysts were not two, but several dozen pincers...individual pincers, all approaching the target from different vectors.

Those vectors being the various networks and channels and so forth?

Yes sir. Now the A154 is a perfect vehicle for this venture.

What is the A154?

It's a briefing jet.

So it's neither a bomber nor a fighter nor a cargo aircraft?

Negative, sir. It is a briefer. Carries usual a payload of 35 analysts and PIMs.

PIM's are weapons?

Well on this particular campaign, sir, you could call 'em that. They're Population Influence Modulators. By design, each one is responsible for no less than one million human influenciation episodes, or HIEs each week.

These are machines?

They're humans sir, at least at this stage of the technology.

Anonymous said...

RE Bob Siegel "at the very apex of NPR."

Is this what you're talkin' 'bout?

Porter Melmoth said...

That's at least one possibility...