Thursday, February 17, 2011

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed, as always.


Porter Melmoth said...

Al Jaz's Marwan Bishara joins Chomsky on DN!

Perspectives and FACTS that will never surface on NPR:

Porter Melmoth said...


If you have a Roku box (e.g. to access Netflix online), you can get Al Jaz in live streaming via their News offerings.

Anonymous said...

"TARP Watchdog Says Foreclosure Plan Is Failing (by Chris Arnold)

oh, ya think Chris?

Of course Chris doesn't think.

He works at NPR. They don't pay him to think -- only to jabber gibberish

That Obama's foreclosure plan is an abject failure (along with most of his other economic "recovery" policies) is hardly a secret.

Anonymous said...

Neal was in full craven yesterday when he had people on to talk about de-funding NPR. It's all a game. They will "trade" NPR for oh, I don't know, a couple more tons of riot suppression equipment for our friends and allies in the ME and Africa. And the listeners/financial supporters will be soooo relieved.


Patrick Lynch said...

I'm working a late shift today so I actually got to hear the first fifteen minutes of Democracy Now on WRFL as I drove in. What a difference in coverage! (I knew that already but still had to say it) NPR's coverage of the Wisconsin protests was the usual spun shallow anti union crap.

An hour later, Democracy Now tells you everything NPR left out about the protests like how the insane corporate tax giveaways Wisconsin gave to the multinationals essentially bankrupted state government. Or for that matter how many people actually showed up. If anyone at NPR mentioned, I didn't hear it.

But then why would you? Of course Gjelten was busy putting the Pentagon spin on rising food prices and Inskreep putting his corporate blessings over the proceedings.

informedveteran said...

Grittv has a good segment about ChamberGate.

Porter Melmoth said...

Amy G. and others were on an Al Jaz 'Empire' segment, and she made the most valid contributions in the entire show. To paraphrase:

'We shouldn't even call it the Mainstream Media because it doesn't cover the mainstream...'

(Link to show easily found at Al Jaz.)

On DN!, Chomsky was as clear as ever, and on many many topics.

Meanwhile, back on NPR, my local condominium of stations have been running one of their Greatest Hits for about 13 months now. It goes something like this:

"Hello. This is NPR's ROBERT SIEGEL. You know, it costs MONEY to bring you the international reporting (blah blah blah).... and WITTY COMMENTARY every day." And then he says how most of their money comes from YOU the listener.

'It costs MONEY...' - wow, typical Siegel profundity. I guess I never realized that.

Yeah, well, whose money, anyway? Frank Tavares will tell you, ad nauseam, though no average American pledger will ever be named.

Anonymous said...

RE: Chambergate/Obamagate

The Obama Justice Department asked a bunch of clowns at "Security" firm HB Gary to come up with a plan to attack Wikileaks, which they completely bungled by openly bragging about that they had information about the members of the hacker group "Anonymous."

I thought Bush and Co were the gang Who couldn't shoot straight, but Obama and his pals seem to be giving them a real run for their money.

I sincerely hope that we don't ever have to depend on Obama to actually protect our country from a real attack, because he seems to be completely clueless.

Anonymous said...

RE: Chambergate/Obamagate

So, the Obama Justice Department asked a bunch of clowns at "Security" firm HB Gary to come up with a plan to attack Wikileaks, which they completely bungled by openly bragging that they had information about the members of the hacker group "Anonymous" -- who then proceeded to hack into their servers an reveal all their plans (surprise!)

I sincerely hope that these idiots are never tasked with actually protecting our country in the event of a real attack.

This is what happens when you outsource "intelligence" (in the sense of IQ) to India. :)

gDog said...


Nice Grittv tip, thanks. I saw that Thinkprogress guy, Lee Fang, at a panel discussion before the anti-Koch bros rally in Rancho Mirage a few weeks ago. Somebody asked him what we could boycott that would hurt the Koch bros and his response was a bit disheartening: "You can't boycott the ground under your feet." These guys own practically everything, was the message, so unless you're prepared to boycott the air you breath, resistance is futile. Yikes. But hacking the 411 - what used to be known as investigative journalism - that's still pretty effective, huh? Good for Anonymous.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yeah, I think we're going to have to be like mosquitoes and keep buzzing around the hulk of the American Empire, which, as the Laws of Entropy dictate, will inevitably decline and bust up. Egypt et al are on fast-tracks, but the US, still fat 'n happy enough to tolerate the masochism of exploitation, still has a ways to go before events can unfold.

On the other hand, I'm damn proud of my birthplace (Madison, WI) for getting the ball rolling.

I agree with Chomsky, who repeats the classic line: little progressive will happen as long as the people are passive.

We must keep our mosquito drills sharp, and ready to drill.

F@#* the aging Koch Brothers!

gDog said...

The HBGaryFederal business is all pretty comical, if it weren't the deadly USG involved, it'd be downright hilarious. Poor HBGary is feeling unfairly victimized because, as the letter at their website says, "We are not HBGaryFederal! (oops, the letter is now gone!) These guys are in a world of hurt. How could anybody take them seriously after being so badly beaten at their own game? The announcement at their site now says,

HBGary Monday introduced an appliance that sits at the perimeter of the enterprise network to watch for possible incoming malware and outgoing traces of botnet infections.

They call it "Razor." Excuse me while I snorgel in my shaving cream.

There's a good accounting of HBGary's mounting woes here.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that HB Gary is finished as a "computer security" company.

They are going to have to change their name (like Blackwater did) cuz no one in that field is ever going to take them seriously again.

They have shown themselves to be complete morons, especially their CEO, Aaron Barr.

Why anyone would ever have taken a clown like Aaron Barr seriously to begin with is another matter entirely. I mean, the guy was openly bragging about identifying members of the hacker group "Anonymous".

How much more clueless could a person get?

Anonymous said...

How much more clueless could a person get? anon

Everyday it seems as if I have to lower the floor of cluelessness exhibited by America(ns). And believe me, "It's hard work".

As far as Chambergate goes I have yet to hear anything about it on NPR. But I follow it through this here new fangled thing called the internets. And someone had the audacity to ask me why, if i "despise NPR so much" why spend time listening? I replied that some people collect stamps, some people play golf but I enjoy watching NPR torture themselves as they try to present news without looking/sounding like Baghdad Bob. Did i say torture? I meant harshly interrogate themselves.


gDog said...

After hearing SS's insufferable blathering about the chocolate covered cherry aroma of $20/bottle merlot, which followed his broadsides against public service unions and lengthy platform for House freshman Republican, Bill Huizenga, who trumpets his pride in cutting military spending first...yeah, right, I get this from the DFA:

House Republicans, when deciding how they want to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year, immediately attacked NPR and PBS. They cut all funding -- that's right, all of it -- for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the nonprofit responsible for funding public media including NPR, PBS, Pacifica and more.

Give me a friggin break.

gDog said...

So how did NPR handle the NRC's report on the anthrax attacks? Naturally, Temple of Doom (FBI Faulted For Overstating Science In Anthrax Case) could be relied on to trumpet the FBI's case and reiterate the various smears against Bruce Ivins. As is typical, the transcript of this story doesn't include these reiterated smears: that Ivins was in the habit of mailing anonymous letters and that he was obsessed with some girl's school near a mailbox associated with one of the mailings. Guilt by FBI innuendo.

No mention of what the letters said and how a more credible explanation of the anthrax attacks is that they were designed to bolster motivation to invade Iraq. Has anyone at NPR heard of Operation Dark Winter? I don't suppose MIPT is experiencing any budget cuts under the new House Rules.

Anonymous said...

I have a Roku for the last 6 months. I love it.