Sunday, February 27, 2011

RheePulsive, RheePugnant, and Rheevolting

Mouth-taping, achievement-exaggerating, bullying, arrogant, and downright dishonest darling of education "reform" Michele Rhee will probably be on NPR a lot more in the future now that she's started her own "advocacy"/lobbying organization called Students First. Who can resist someone who loves children so much that she's willing to attack teachers to prove it? Amazingly Oprah loves her, while Diane Ravitch (who once peddled Bush's No Child Left Behind snake oil) doesn't.

But if you're someone who ignores policies that drastically benefit the wealthy and increase poverty (which is the single greatest factor in ruining the educational opportunities for EVERY child) and instead focus on destroying the rights of job security won by unionized educators, then NPR has lots of airtime for you. In fact this past week Michelle Rhee was the NPR star on Wednesday's ATC and Saturday's ATC. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join em: l

Tales from the Slick Adventures of Students-First Lady


geoff said...

There are so many myriad ways in which Rhee is repulsive, it boggles the mind that she is a hero to school deformers. In the WaPo article of 2/10/11,Rhee faces renewed scrutiny over depiction of students' progress when she taught we learn that she is a liar of the worst kind.

While Obama was neutral in the Fenty race, Gibbs said this about the outcome: "Obviously, the important work people like Michelle Rhee and Arne Duncan are doing needs to continue regardless of the outcome of elections."

The Zombie Ayn Randers are on the loose and running amok.

geoff said...

The Dropkick Murphys Stand With Wisconsin !!!!!

gDog said...

Framing The Layoff Issue Correctly

Anonymous said...

Look into

The Education Trust

You'll find many of the same people/organizations running that show as financially support NPR.