Sunday, August 21, 2011

Q Tips - Heavy Lifting

Hello readers. I'm putting up a new open thread as the previous one reached the 130 mark! Commenters are doing an incredible job of documenting NPR awfulness. I'm finding that NPR disgusts me so much that I'm listening to very little of it these days, and am often not up for dissecting its lazy, inaccurate and subservient to power broadcasts. Thank you to all who continue to listening and analyzing...


gDog said...

Yeah, well, if your faith in NPR is flagging (heh), Andy Peabrain has promised to turn over a new leaf.

This past week, politicians of all stripes blanketed the Midwest and the news. We wanted to balance the talking points and campaign speeches with the voices of ordinary people, struggling in this economy, so NPR's Andrea Seabrook drove south, out of Washington, D.C., filing stories from places that don't often make the news.

Over the years. she's gotten used to walking up to people with a microphone and saying,"I'm a political reporter with NPR, do you have time to talk?" And she's developed a callous hide from people who "just walk right passed." She's "used to being treated with a kind of mild hostility." And she can understand how "the media is part of the problem."

But she got "a real and honest shock to [her] system" when a lady in a diner actually offered the obviously malnourished Andrea a "bite of her cobbler." Honest southern comfort she hasn't seen since her childhood in Arkansas!

Then she has a revelation: Sometimes a bad economy can be a good thing, I think! It can push people to try things they might not have thought of before. It's a kind of resilience I love in this country. [It] has changed me, I can feel it. I know that when I'm back in Washington, back covering congress [aren't I important!?], my questions will be different. My expectations of lawmakers are different. It's not just business - it's personal.

So, before, when she was gushing over Paul Ryan's handsomeness in keeping the poor folk down, that was just business?

jaytingle said...

I read that vignette differently, gDog. Ms. Seabrook's genuflection before the gods of austerity is rewarded with the enlightenment that, "Sometimes a bad economy can be a good thing, I think!" Having her feudalist fantasy rewarded with a bite of cobbler, southern comfort (!), she may return to DC from the wilderness with a quest to promote more of the same.

Anonymous said...

hey, I love being a colleague of those in power and thus will continue to insist that economic injustice and an engineered financial crisis are just what the doctor ordered. When she "graduates" to Planet (worship the cash) Money team she'll start to make some big bucks.



Nice catch guys, I missed it,

here's my addition at

"SEABROOK: Sometimes a bad economy can be a good thing, I think. "

Only a six figure compensated NPR celebrity with full health insurance coverage would say something that is a Right Wing GOP/AEI approved pure unadulterated piece of bull, . . . let's just say organic matter.

Record increases in homelessness, hunger, along with childern and elderly living in poverty, and to Ms. Seabrook it's a "good thing".

In her defense, since NPR intentionally unreported poverty, the uninsured and unemployed and focus it overage on infotainment a pandering to it's wealthily suburban demographic I can understand why she might think poverty is a "good thing".

Know what another "good thing" is Andrea?
Never pledging to NPR again.


Just when you thought NPR couldn't sink any lower:

New Policy Gives Hope To Some Facing Deportation : NPR: New Policy Gives Hope To Some Facing Deportation

NPR continues normalizing Right Wing Fringe Extremism:

NPR quotes "Kristen Williamson with the Federation for American Immigration Reform" opposed to Obama's change in immigration.

Really NPR? Really? The Federation for American Immigration Reform? An organization that has been identified group described as a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC):

"FAIR’s founder, John Tanton, has expressed his wish that America remain a majority-white population: a goal to be achieved, presumably, by limiting the number of nonwhites who enter the country. One of the group’s main goals is upending the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which ended a decades-long, racist quota system that limited immigration mostly to northern Europeans. FAIR President Dan Stein has called the Act a "mistake."

"As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?"
— FAIR founder and board member John Tanton, Oct. 10, 1986

What's worse "Federation for American Immigration Reform" : NPR Search (BETA): Quoted this organization several times."

What's next? NPR to interview the Klan on civil rights?

Anonymous said...

I got in early after I choked on my turkey sausage listening to this drivel from Seabrook. Here's the comment I left:

"Andrea Seabrook needs to get over herself. Can she file a story without it being about her? I love this sudden awareness that, hey, people outside of DC are really poor and hurting. Hmm, that's eye-opening. Maybe I should ask tough questions of our politicians like a real journalist would. Unbelievable."


OK, OK I can't control myself. The NPR ombudsman is like a fat kid with a kick-me sign on him, (as a Geek in Jr. Hight I do note the irony). His latest, in his high volume, low quality output, is an attempt to defend NPR from Dean Baker pointing out what shill for Right Wing economics NPR has become:

Really? You Picked Him? Airing An Unusual Perspective : NPR Ombudsman : NPR

Of course it last in my sweet spot after my first beer, at the end of the day. I was first, second, and third (I swear I'm channeling Nate or something).

Silly Ombot, it's not if "Kotlikoff's perspective added to NPR listeners' understanding" it's his Right Wing view it the one NPR promotes.

Nope, NPR always frames the US debt debate from the Right's perspective, Mr. Schumacher-Matos have you forgotten how upset Inskeep got the Rep. Frank when the the Rep. dare suggest the we should cut defense (only 50% of Federal discretionary spending)?

A review of any of the past year's reports by NPR on the deficit will easy show the NPR systematically omits citing the three major contributors to the deficit: 2 Wars, the Bush Tax Cut, and the Bush Big Pharma drug give away (Don't trust me? Good! Check with the CBO.) Instead only solutions cited in NPR reports are GOP's ideas, cutting social programs especially Social Sec (hated by the GOP since FDR originated it).

When it comes, to any Right Wing talking pt, misstatement by GOP politicians, or Right Wing dogma regurgitated by a "non-partisan" think tank paid talking head (yeah I'm looking at you Peterson Foundation!) NPR never, ever, ever, ever will provide "context and other perspectives". Just ask Elizabeth Warren, blacklisted by NPR since her appointment, if Adam Davidson wanted to hear "immediate context and other perspectives"?

Looks like I've got work to do with the search engine.

Meanwhile, here another example of NPR providing varied perspectives on economic policy, Center Right, Conservative, Hard Right and Extreme Right:

"In Reporting On White House Economic Stimulus Package, NPR Interviews Six GOP Congressmen For Every Democrat" [snip, see my post on this blog entitled "Are We stimulated yet?" for the quote]

Search Data results listed below:
Month Ending February 3,2008
Total Stories: 50
Congressmen Interviewed, Quoted: 14
GOP Congressmen: 12
Democratic Congressmen: 2
White House Spokesmen: 0

Never got an answer when I wrote and asked about this grossly skewed reporting? Do you have one Mr. Mr. Schumacher-Matos?

(The above is rhetorical as Mr. S-M has yet to answer any listener Q on this blog.)

Here's an appetizer, while I'm doing my research, the Ombudsman failed to mention the Dean Baker has been documenting NPR's promoting of Right Economic talking points for years. Here's 10 pages of Google results on Mr. Baker documenting NPR Right Wing sycophantism, read them and weep:

"npr" site: - Google Search

Hoping where you are it's not damn Dallas, 102 right now.

Funny that the Ombudsman office didn't provide any "immediate context"? I think the description "ironic lack of self awareness" springs to mind.


NPR did it again, used the SPLC designate "hate group" the Federation for American Immigration Reform as source and use their spokesman for quotes:

New Deportation Rules Give Boost To Gay Rights : NPR

I think NPR is now actively working to legitimize Right Wing Extremism.

Boulder Dude said...

Thank you for posting that one Grumpy.

So, has anyone every gotten a reply from the new
Ombot? Ever?

Or is he sticking to his guns of only ridding NPR of its so called liberal bias?

Anonymous said...

bd: Never! Have sent 3 questions, never a word back.

edk (one of the few, the loud, the drunk)

gDog said...

CFR/NPR disinformation operative Laurie Garrett is working overtime muddying the waters for the 911/anthraxaversary. On Science Friday she says it wasn't Ivins who terrorized the US Congress into passing the Patriot act, it was...wait for it...Al Qaeda, after all!
I suppose, given Al Qaeda's close connections with the CIA, they may have gotten their hands on US military grade Anthrax, but, of course, she doesn't explore that...

Anonymous said...

this is "off-topic" to a degree but . . . it would be "interesting to see how MLK has been emasculated and thus made "safe" for mass consumption in America. I thought of this as i listen to NPR talk about him as a civil rights icon while ignoring his later realization that economic injustice did not only affect people of color (and how the fear of economic justice was used against the economic self-interests of whites). Or his discovery that war and violence abroad was stock in trade of America.

But he has been neutered until I wouldn't follow this King to the 7-11 much less into the streets of Birmingham, Chicago and finally Memphis


Anonymous said...

i'm waiting for cheney to show up on ATC or ME where the really tough questions will be asked. Such as Mr. Vice President, do you favor a blue or red tie with a black suit?


gDog said...

NPR, over at Frankenstein's place,
NP ah-ah-ah-ah-ahrrrrrr,
Over at Frankenstein's place.

It's the spark of truth, poured over lies
The friction of fiction and fact
The bark of the spooks, swarming fire flies
Rub the belly of the beast

Popepepe said...

Another attempt this morning by NPR to normalize Rick Perry's views: The Medicare Edition.

"Social Security does share one important feature of a Ponzi scheme. The money that today's workers pay into the system goes right back out the door to pay current beneficiaries. That hasn't been a problem for the system so far, but the future presents a challenge."

Then, the report goes on to contradict itself.

"Indeed, the latest trustees' report says that even without any changes, Social Security could keep paying all of its bills for the next 25 years, and fully three-quarters of what retirees expect after that."

Yet, they put giving credence to Perry's "wisdom" above all else...

"It seems that national conversation that Perry said he wanted on Social Security is underway."

Rather than call Perry and his spokespeople on the carpet for this, which is the real story, they intend to perpetuate the Planet Money/Marketplace/GOP Talking Points that the Medicare system is a bad thing that needs to be scrapped. Thank God for Rick Perry!

Popepepe said...

On a related note...I got my first comment removed over at the NPR site! I feel so blessed! It was on the article in regards to fracking...interestingly enough. Just trying to think...didn't swear, print anyone's phone numbers, didn't feed any trolls. All I did was call out the fact that this was a weak report that didn't cut to the core issue of the problem; the SEC investigation into fracking. There was very little reporting on the SEC and in fact more reporting on the poor companies that were being investigated. Ah well...such is life.

bpfb said...

Nice goin', Popeye! (hope ya don't mind the misnomer - we're all buds here)

Perhaps they need to include "undermining the best interests of their benefactors" and "daring to dethrone their oh-so-impeccable reportage" as violation of forum terms.

Gonna go & vote ya up (despite).

"phiestr" (!)

Boulder Dude said...

Popepepe, Things that can get your post deleted by NPR:

Pointing out the the reporter in fact is lying, especially if you have video evidence pointing out the lie.

Snarkiness: they do not list this as a reason, but I was told this by Ombot Lori.

Anything that is seen as an "attack" on the reporter.

Responding to a Troll.

Saying anything that is not in line with the majority of people posting on a piece. If you say something counter to whatever teabagger infested thread you have commented on, your post will be flagged and deleted.

Use of the following words: Teabagger, redneck, cracker, psychopath, sociopath, Homo Sapien.

Being me. Yes, if you are me you will get comments regularly deleted until you complain to Kate Myers as to what was bannable in said comment. She will restore the comment in an hour or so and be nice about sending an email apologizing for the deletion.

Things that will NOT get your comment deleted:

Use of the following words: Hitler, Mao, Stalin or comparing others to to same, even though said use of such words are banned by the Terms of Use.

Being a Troll. Yes, you can be a massive troll and post and post, andpost, and post and your comment will never get deleted, but respond to a troll and Bam! gone.

Questioning anything NPR does if you frame said question from a Right Wing position.

Being nothing more than a Mamber of a Rightwing Flying Monkey Brigade sent to comment on some story by a rightwing website like Redstate, Free Republic, etc. By doing this you will not only be deleted, but in fact get a massive response from the Ombot saying how bad and sorry NPR is.

Popepepe said...

Always down with a new nickname! In fact, looking forward to a day when we all can tipple a few! Thanks for the mad props and the votes.

I think I match that checklist pretty well actually. Damn my eyes!

gDog said...

I got myself censored too, just in your honor. It was easy: "Parry is a fairy." Silly, but effective.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the day the NPR Checketeers sit around the old campfire . . .

I get very few posts deleted. Maybe i am just not trying my best or maybe they "really like me".

There is a sort of "interesting" thing going on. I think it is a massive virtual focus group being conducted by NPR. They want to know what you think of the fracking issue. I suspect that this will then be analysed by ANGA and commercials will be specifically tailored to the NPR listeners and financial supporters. In any case I wouldn't ask them the time of day.

WHYY is running a special page devoted to 911 memories. I told them I thought it was going to be nothing but self-pity (why did "they" do that to us boo-hoody-hoo), hate mongering (genteel to be sure as befits the NPR listeners sensibilities), and the spreading of fear both domestic and external (which will be used to justify ever more assaults on the Constitution).


This comment has been removed by the author.

This morning on Morning Edition its report Justice Department Toughens Stance On Abortion Protesters : NPR was a classic NPR "Right Wing framing" story, Julie Rovener calls murdered Dr. Tiller an "Abortion Doctor" a non-medical term used by the Right, but it gets worse than that.

She interviews Operation Rescue an organization with a staffer that's a convicted bomber who helped Dr. Tiller's murder as if it were a nonviolent passive protest group.

NPR providing no context or background on this violent extremist group.

Thank God NPR wasn't a round during the Civil Right Movement, it would have interviewed the Southern White Citizens council about the bombings of Black churches.


Re: Troll Slapping

I haven't gotten any of my comments deleted that call Trolls "stupid or lazy" lately, to my surprise.

Maybe it's because I'm not reported, or lard up the comments with supporting facts, or I use the passiv voice a lot?

Funny the one comment that got deleted had several direct inflammatory quotes by Erick Ericsson and I was complaining about NPR using him as a source. I suspect they saw the quotes ignored the context and just deleted the comment.

Since it's been a long time since I got on deleted I didn't save a copy of my post (I was in my stream of consciousness wine fulled id zone at the time).

Think on Twitter @NPRInskeep has block me, he asked "What questions should I ask Collin Powell?" I replied "Bet you treat him better than than Rep Frank(twice)?"
He no like.

Hope everyone has a good Labor Day!
GrumpyD aka ME

JayV said...

So today on Matos's blog there's Discussing Food Stamps And The Poor: Callous or Balanced?boulder dude & The Modest Egotist made comments about Marilyn Geewax's original report.
Y'all should check 'em out and recommend. Here's my comment: "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America" is a book written by Barbara Ehrenreich about the working poor in this country. Although it was written several years ago (examining the impact of Clinton's welfare reforms in the 1990s), her hands on journalism would be a model for Ms Geewax to follow and for Mr Matos to read for background before he starts defending bad NPR journalism. Actually, I'm amazed that Ms Ehrenreich was not interviewed for this segment. Her book recounts her experience going undercover as an employe in dead-end minimum wage jobs. Shame that Marilyn Geewax wasn't inspired by Barbara Ehrenreich to do the same in 2011.

miranda said...

Chucklin' Blob Siegheil yesterday marveling about CIA "clandestine" operations being revealed in civil lawsuit about rendition torture flights, as if the most vital issue here is that important gummint secrets are getting out! Oh noze! The amoral universe of Stands for Nothing.

gDog said...

Marketplace this morning ended with this priceless transition:
"....and if the big banks are bleeding, that's not good for the economy. Brought to you by Ally Bank."

It was a breathtaking bit of hubris. Hardly a pause to change voices.

Boulder Dude said...


Thanks for the comment about Nickle and Dimed, I had forgotten about that one, and yes, you are correct that perhaps it would have been a good thing for NPR to have had her say something on the subject.

gDog said...

I left this comment for his Moist Flushiness re VOA Role in Internet Age:

This makes so proud I have to thump the pecs of my red, white and blue American heart. The brilliant voice of America proclaiming the righteous truth of liberty for all the world to hear. New media is the new weapon of choice and will blaze a new path in the tradition of Kenneth Tomlinson. Thank our lucky American God for the brave souls like Scott Simon who combat the proliferation of Islamic extremist philosophy. Make those insurgents confess their crimes on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to stalwart American Patriots like Michael McManus , Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher, Jeff Gannon, Karen Ryan and Scott Simon, the VOA now can bravely speak it's name to it's own people. Hallelujah!

gDog said...

The bad grammar was just writing in character, of course.

Comrade Rutherford said...

David Folkenflick just did a ridiculous report on honesty in journalism.

In one paragraph he castigated journalists for not reporting the facts. His example was Rick Perry's decree that all climate scientists are making up lies just to get more funding. Folkenflick said that journalists should include the truth: that climate change is real and scentists all over the world all agree, and that every investigation into fraud has shown that there has been no fraud.

But in the very next paragraph Frankenflick ignores his previous point. He was incredulous that Boehner's snub of Obama made the front page and that while it is a story, it should never have gotten that much attention.

If Frankenliar had followed his previous point, he would have been honest and told us that this is the first time in US history that the Speaker had to brazenly insulted the office of the President by agreeing to the date in private talks and then rebuffing him in public just to be an asshole to the President for being a Democrat. That is why this story was front page news!

But Frankenliar is a right-wing hack who hates journalism, so it's no wonder he covers up the truth while claiming to support truthful journalism!

Anonymous said...

Talk of the Nation just ran a discussion entitled "What's next in Libya?" featuring Middle East "experts" from conservative think-tanks gloating over Ghadaffi's demise and suggesting new ways to carve up the spoils. In other words, absolutely disgusting. I left the following comment
"NATO and the US intervened massively in favor of the TNC 'rebels' in Libya. Without the savage NATO/US bombing (costing hundreds of civilian lives) the rebels would not now be in charge in Libya.
It's one thing to disagree with Ghaddafi -- quite another to annihilate innocent supporters and much infrastructure. One has to wonder what's really going on and how much of the Libyan population is actually represented by the TLC. We'll see. I fear that things will get much worse for the average Libyan -- if so NATO / US bear full responsibility.
I believe the NATO / US role to be an atrociously wicked one, designed to benefit US imperial geopolitical / big business interests ONLY. NPR has played a disgraceful role as cheerleader for these narrow interests. As in the case of Iraq, the action was based on lies "saving human life" and is totally illegal.
In this context "What's next?" is not a meaningful question."

Rob Pates
Charlottesville, VA

Anonymous said...

"a tradition of brutal questioning . . ." So Audie Cornish has gone to this description of torture which is a deviance from the "harsh interrogation" that NPR/dominant culture has decreed as descriptive. Which just goes to show that you can put any of these people into slots but the meme never changes.

Anonymous said...

good we "smoke out terrorists" wherever we find them (unless they are useful to USA):

I have a feeling we will end up with an occupying force to tamp this "threat out" and to enforce the oil contracts. Same-o same-o as far as I can see


gDog said...

In case anyone was uncertain of Chris Hedges' point in Here We Go Again

The unequivocal message we deliver daily through huge explosions and death across the occupied Middle East is: We have everything and if you try and take it away from us we will kill you.

Lourdes Garcia-Navarro get to take a victory lap with Inkycreep. It's so much more satisfying to have a woman glory in the fruits of war, don't you think? Beaubien's account of the impending attack on Bani Walid just seems so much more in-your-face aggressive. But then roughly half the NPR audience are men. Gotta have something for them, too, I suppose.

a.m. said...

Jay Rosen calls NPR to the carpet for execrable "he said-she said" reporting in Kathy Lohr's recent piece on Kansas abortion laws.