Monday, January 15, 2007

How Gradstein Sees It

Gradstein continues NPR's nonstop framing of Rice's trip to the Middle East. In amazing NPR GloboVision here's how Gradstein see's it:
  • "She’s trying to basically keep things on track..."
  • "...just by coming here she’s reminding both sides that the United States does care about this..."
  • "’s also a sign, I think to Palestinians…that if there is a new Palestinian government that is willing to meet the conditions of recognizing Israel and renouncing violence, that perhaps the United States will really work hard in order to try to get a peace process moving..." (not a peep about Israel's massive, ongoing violence and the fact that the US and Israel are trying to overthrow the legitimately elected Hamas-led government of Palestine)
I've written before about the biased, substandard reporting of Linda Gradstein: see posts of 12/28/06 or 10/5/06 for details.

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Kevan said...

Gradstein is so obviously biased and so many have pointed it out that I don't see why she still gets assigned Middle East coverage. But NPR's ombusdman insists NPR will not give in to "pressure tactics."