Friday, February 23, 2007

And the Follow Up Question Is? or How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Credit to Robert Siegel in his interview with Sallai Meridor, Israel's new ambassador to the United States, for at least mentioning the issue of Israel's nukes:

Siegel: "Of course, the Iranians say, you may not own up to it publicly, but everyone knows you have nuclear weapons in Israel, what's different for them?"

To which Meridor answers: "Well, this is a clear propaganda campaign by the Iranian. Israel has a very clear policy, responsible with regard to this matter. The Iranians want to probably take the focus from where is. The issue is very clear: If Iran had nuclear bomb and nuclear military capacity, it would be a mortal threat to the world, and the world should get their act together to stop it now."

That's it! Siegel just lets that evasion hang there and closes the interview. It's enough to make you want to pull out your hair. How about probing that "clear policy" that is so "responsible." And notice the way Siegel puts the question out there, "Of course, the Iranians say..." Well, Robert, no, not just the Iranians, but Americans like myself who are informed and skeptical want to know why an aggressor nation like Israel should have nukes and why the US has helped Israel keep this dirty secret for so long. Lastly, I love the way Siegel says, "everyone knows you have nuclear weapons in Israel." Really? They sure haven't learned about them from NPR news!


jules said...

When I heard the Israeli was going to be on, I went outside to water my plants and save my blood pressure. Glad I did.

Roberto said...

Good comment on Israel and Iran. We need to hold these NPR announcers to account. They allow the silliest and dangerous assertions without so much a question "why." Bush and Cheney have made the U.S. into a world bully. Consider: America has the most tanks, the most war planes, the most cluster bombs. Yet the U.S. calls out Iran for trying to acquire nuclear power and threatens it with two or three carrier groups! Today we hear that Cheney criticizes and disses China for building up its military (probably to offset the dangerous threat that is the U.S.). Thus we have war mongers spouting forth on NPR, yet NPR allows them to get away with it.

Roberto in Utah

Larry said...

Why should I give to my local NPR station when it hands dollars to "Morning Edition"? Wouldn't it be better to (a) send my dollars to stations such as WNYC that produce intelligent programming such as "On the media" or (b) send money to the show producers themselves?

P.S. Thanks for listening to I don't have to!

Liberality said...

NPR is now an official propaganda news agency for the multinational corporations who own the US government. The multinationals want to get Iran as that is the next step to controlling the oil resources in the Middle East. So, NPR's job is to convince us that the US must contain/control Iran, simple as that. Now, why won't we just get with the program? (snark)

Porter Melmoth said...

Things seem to be going according to plan. In the Neo-Con Empire to come, NPR will enjoy a power and prestige that even Goebbels could not have dreamt of! OK, OK, maybe that's overdoing things a bit. Maybe...?
The steps are easy: from National Public Radio, to Nationalist Public Radio, to Neo-Con Public Radio...