Friday, February 23, 2007

Open Thread - Friday

NPR related comments.


larry, dfh said...

Yesterday on TOTN, the main guest was Jonah Goldberg, talking about global warming, or as he called it 'the cost of global cooling'. And it appeared that Goldberg got the lion's share of the time, as well. Wow that Goldberg, a noted historian, a military expert, a political strategist, and now a bona fide climatologist! How can those mean bloggers refer to such a renaissance man as 'doughy pantload'?

Anonymous said...

This (Saturday) morning, Scott Simon interviewed Lisa Margonelli about her new book "Oil on the Brain: Adventures from the Pump to the Pipeline" in what I would term an in-studio celebration of the wonders of oil. At one point the author mentions that only 12% of the world's population drives automobiles, and China intends to sell cars to the other 88%. Unless I'm mistaken, the topic of global warming was not once brought up during this interview. However, the following piece dealt with the effects of global warming on the Inuit populations and lands. The effect of these two stories, back to back, was bizarre... it served to isolate and marginalize global warming effects to something happening "over there/elsewhere" while decoupling global warming's causes and effects.