Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Noise machine Participation Radio

I'll keep it brief. Instead of covering the significance of Al Gore's claims about global warming and the idiocy of the current fools running (ruining) our country and planet, NPR joins in with the rabid foxes of the world to feature news that obviously comes from the rightwingosphere money machine. NPR wastes its time joining in the attack on Al Gore's wealth and consumption to portray him as a hypocrite. It's not that Al Gore's lifestyle is sacrosanct and off limits to criticism, but it is not the central issue in the ongoing catastrophe of global warming; it's at best a tiny footnote--unless like NPR you source your news from illegitimate front organizations.


jules said...

I think NPR just screwed itself but good.

larry, dfh said...

Here's a good refutation of the whole sordid business: Again, sorry about the long linik.