Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Open Thread - Wednesday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone got a chance to listen to the Terry Gross interview of Seymour Hersh yesterday. Best interview I've yet heard of Hersh on his latest New Yorker article. It was fascinating and very, very frightening. (I'm now positive that Dick Cheney is mentally ill).

Here's the URL:

...The Lowell Bergman interview is also great (though the issues discussed there, while vital, are less pressing) and worth the listen. The Frontline show discussed in the interview was top-notch TV journalism and available for watching on the Frontline web-site.

larry, dfh said...

So Al Gore's a bog. fat hypocrite. Tjat's what I got from the slam piece on ATC today. A 'report' from some 'libertarian' group in TN was quoted mentioning the kw-hr electricity consumption for his house, and comparing it, IIRC, to the AVERAGE in TN. No mention of the square footage, no mention of what type of activites are conducted there, nothing about security needs. And virtually no response from Gore. Just a pure piece of crap.

Porter Melmoth said...

Hersh is making a very welcome impact on the media. At least he is accessible, at the 'New Yorker' site, etc. He is one of the most responsible investigative journalists today.

Here's an address for an intense and purposeful discussion on the press and Iran:

Also: in case anybody missed it, here's an address to a similarly valuable assessment by Noam Chomsky on Bush's mafia approach (10 pp. of well-spent reading time):

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