Saturday, February 10, 2007

That Liberation Thing

I kind of expect someone like General Casey to call the invasion of Iraq a "liberation." What's he going to say, "It was a great power grab for control of the Middle East, but it just wasn't quite the cakewalk my Commander and his chums expected"?

But I expect a bit more from a reporter talking about General Casey's remarks. Jamie Tarabay says, "his biggest fear was that the Iraqis wouldn’t be able to put the past behind them. He said, you know, we were able, we liberated the Iraqis from tyranny, but we cannot liberate them from their prejudices. And just to demonstrate that point, not long after the ceremony ended there was a suicide bombing in central Baghdad and at least four people were killed..."

See, it's so simple: US = liberators = good. Iraqis = violent + prejudiced = bad. Car bomb = proof. End of discussion.

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