Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Open Thread - Wednesday & Thursday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Madam Dufarge said...

Inskeep: What's most import to your contituents?
Fresman Congressional rep from Iowa: Iraq.
I: Not gas prices or a terrorist attack on the US?
FC: No
I: the war in Iraq:
FC: Yes

How dense is he?

"Beep for Jesus" = pro-Easter?
Mom & pop meth labs?
Ratboy interview someone about lying?

Morning Edition -- adding insult to insomnia.

jules said...

How dense is he?

Let's put Inskeep on a rocketship to the sun and find out!

SEAS said...

How come they have been reporting on how outrageous Pelosi is for going to Syria all day, and never mentioning that the Republicans were just there, with nary a peep of protest from the WH? Isn't Bush's hypocricy part of the story here?

Madam Dufarge said...

More hypocrisy: that Ms. Pelosi is civilized enough to show cultural sensitivity while abroad, i.e. her headscarf, is an object for ridicule. (Our first Stepford wife, I mean lady, got a pass.) Has Rush been poking fun at the British service woman? Just wondering.

Please check out Rachel Maddow's Hatch podcast (it's on you tube, linked at Mia Culpa). Let's keep bringing up his mendacity, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear this morning's report on the protest against Cheney's commencement address at BYU?
Howard Berkes referred to the white-colored armbands the democratic protesters were wearing as "the color of surrender." I am *so* sick of the gratuitous put-downs of all things democratic on NPR!

madam dufarge said...

Thankfully I slept through it. I'm still skeeved about yesterday.

The color of surrender indeed.