Thursday, April 05, 2007

White Lies

A kind reader pointed out this morning's insulting take on the Brigham Young University protests against Dick Cheney coming to deliver BYU's commencement address. Howard Berkes spends a lot of time talking about the colors that Republicans are wearing--blue--and then goes on to mention that the protesters against Cheney will be wearing white. He informs us that white is the color of surrender! Subtle isn't it.

If Berkes had done a little poking around he might have realized that white is often the color of peace, and has been employed by the women's suffrage movement in the US, by Cuban women dissidents, by G-8 anti-poverty protesters, Italian anti-globalization activists, and the immigrant rights demonstrators of 2006. So much for surrender.

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randal said...

You are truly swimming in an imaginary (though often-found) world if dreaming that NPR of all places is anything left of socialist in their inclinations.

Shoot, they fired the only conservative voice on the program a decade ago, and left themselves with no one to correct the wild deception of Daniel Shore.

Come up for air, young man, and face reality. It will be soooooo refreshing. Ask me for my article "8 Minutes with NPR"