Tuesday, May 29, 2007

As Golden as It Gets

Discussing Bush's appointment of Robert Zoellick to head the World Bank, NPR's Alan Davidson is downright ecstatic about the revolving door between government and high powered financial institutions. Talking to Robert Siegel, who comments of Zoellick that "...one can hardly imagine a better resume for becoming president of the World Bank," Davidson is positively giddy. He says, while chuckling, "Exactly, yeah, Goldman Sachs has famously given a lot of major, uh, traded a lot of people to Washington...folks from both sides of the aisle."

In this piece of adulation, where Davidson tells us that Zoellick is "about as golden as it gets," what do we learn of Zoellick? Nothing. Not a word about his ties to the Bush family, his neocon credentials, his ties to Enron, etc. All that matters is that he's from NPR's favorite firm, Goldman Sachs. But hey, Zoellick will be leading the fight against poverty at the World Bank - he's got the resume to prove it.


Porter Melmoth said...

No wonder Wolfie was smiling and calm the whole time during his 'exclusive' BBC interview of a few days ago. (A complete waste of 4 minutes of one's precious lifetime, I might add, so no link provided!) Zoellick will be the perfect instrument of continuation, and he & Paul are probably already on the same page. Of course, what could one expect, that the Bush Machine would hand over the swag to - I don't know, Hans Blixx or somebody? Of COURSE there'll be a company man in place. And as far as Wolfie is concerned, why is he smiling? Because, IMHO, he was true to his word, the f-word. As in: 'If they try to f@#$ with me or Shaha, I've got plenty to F@#$ them with'. So clearly, that's what he did, and a golden parachute awaits. And if he hadn't have been 'exonerated' in this manner, a Dubya pardon would have surely been exercised. Zoellick's got his survival kit well in place, folks.

"The Rake" said...

Look for this man to push the right pro-war agenda from the world bank position.

He may be able help to those suffering in darfur.