Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Open Thread - Wednesday & Thursday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to today's interview with NASA administrator Michael Griffin on Thursday's Morning Editon. I can't describe how mind-blowing it was - particularly when it came to his comments on global climate change. It was amazing.

Porter Melmoth said...

Missed it. Good amazing or bad amazing? (Let me guess...)

Green said...

Not NPR, but PBS related - the NewsHour Gwen Ifill interview of Should-Be-President Al Gore. Gwen's first question/comment: "The book reads like a screed." GAAAAHHHH. Objective journalism at it's finest right there. The rest of the interview wasn't any better; Gwen was in attack mode.

It was a true pleasure, however, to listen to a gentlelman able to speak coherently, politely and in complete sentences. The possibilities of such a different world had Gore not had the election stolen is so painful all over again.

Porter Melmoth said...

Green, check out Gore on The Daily Show recently. Jon Stewart's interview with him was a civilized pleasure.
There's a link down the list at

Porter Melmoth said...

Here's the URL for Gore & Jon Stewart:

larry, dfh said...

Gwen never trated Condi like that. What's up with that?

Porter Melmoth said...

Condi's in power, Gore's not.

I have admired Gwen a lot in the past. She seemed destined for greatness, perhaps as a political figure. Now I'm not so sure. She seems like yet another one of these public broadcasters to be strangely more ambivalent than I thought they were. At least at Neocon Public Radio I know where things stand now!

Also, certain topics today DESERVE having a screed slapped on them. Gore is entirely correct in his thesis. I don't think he's at all intimidated by the media. Indeed, he's using it to his advantage. About time.

larry, dfh said...

Porter, you may want to check out the Daily Howler on Gwen Iffel.
And as to Michael Griffin, I e-mailed Elaine, who follows NASA studiously, and she wrote back that he's a fundie.