Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Depending on Your Point of View

Tonight on ATC Siegel has the gall to say, "Waterboarding simulates drowning and it's either torture or - depending on your point of view - interrogation technique." Where does this guy get off with this kind of moral relativism? Well, Bob, when you take completely defenseless prisoners, lay them down and force them to breathe water until they partially drown that's torture. It's not "interrogation technique" unless you're a morally depraved sociopath (or the US President, Vice President, Attorney General, etc.)

NPR also really ought to quit saying that waterboarding "simulates" drowning. It's kind of like saying the rack simulates being ripped apart. How about just saying that it's a torture technique where a person is partially drowned, but just not usually to the point of death.

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big!pink!fuzzy!bunny! said...

Listening to Bobby Cheekle's milquetoasty drone is tortuyyyyre enough.

I should approach 'them' with a trade - I'll become a public radio member if I can hear Cheekle enunciate the term "Rooty-poop" on the air...