Friday, February 13, 2009

Q Tips

NPR related comments welcomed.


Hubertg said...

Congress is been completely purchased and now it comprises the can we expect anything of value to come from it ?? The elected ones are not working for the people anymore...are they ?? Am I wrong ?...missing something??? Does our vote count anymore. ???

biggerbox said...

Dorothy Rabinowitz on WE Saturday? WTF? Like last week's Joe Scarborough wasn't bad enough? Apparently, there is going to be a regular block on the schedule right after Daniel Schorr where some GOP propagandist who already has a major media platform from which to spew is given an extra couple of minutes on NPR.

Dorothy Rabinowitz is a serial fictionalizer, and she was in fine form this morning, claiming (with of course no evidence) that FDR had magically lifted the entire nation's spirits, whereas Obama was far too negative. She also said we don't have lines of unemployed men like in the "real" depression. I guess she's hasn't seen the one outside the church in my neighborhood every Wednesday.

What I don't get is why, if NPR has to spew GOP nonsense, it can't find some actual, you know, GOP congresscritters, or governors, or something, and instead chooses these media figures, who already have plenty of bandwith. Rabinowitz is on the Wall Street Journal editorial board, for goodness sake.

Holy crap. They just introduced Jonah Goldberg! Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling me in on DR, though WSJ columnist was enough for me. I found her yammering alarming so early in the morning.

artes moriendi said...

Then yesterday afternoon we had squawky Ruth Marcus (taking over the "liberal" spot for an absent E.J. Dionne), David Brooks, and Melissa Block dutifully transmitting the standard right-wing meme that the stimulus bill vote represents a colossal failure of bipartisanship on Obama's part. No mention of GOP tribalism and wacked-out intransigence over the past 20 years and especially during the past few weeks. You would never guess from the sniping tenor of this discussion that it was taking place on a day when Obama would score what would ordinarily be considered a legislative victory (i.e., passage of a huge piece of legislation).

News coverage and discussion of any given issue on NPR always seems to begin with the assumption that a right-of-center perspective is by default the sensible and soberly correct one, and that if the GOP ain't happy about something, ain't nobody happy--NPR least of all.

Hubertg said...

I heard 'dorothy' this morning too.
...a bunch of non-news stuff...
I also heard Daniel Schorr...same thing there.

Tell me something I haven't heard before....please!!

Got News ??

Porter Melmoth said...

Time once more to make a routine statement concerning UnPR:

That is, I don't care if such types as Yawn Williams or any Heritage Foundation critter happens to babble away on NPR. Because, that's standard procedure these days. I shall not pine for anything that NPR was or should be. You see, I don't want them to 'get better'. (What I really want is for them to be OFF THE AIRWAVES.) I don't trust NPR now,and I don't think I could ever again. As the saying goes, when you lose your keys in a crack of molten lava, man, they're GONE.

That's what one does when one truly writes something off: no trust involved.

Just felt a need to reiterate the obvious. Maybe it has something to do with Valentine's Day: make love, not crappy journalism...

Hubertg said...

One of the biggest overlooked problems...the music has been silenced and the message has been lost, without a voice because of it.

The power of the music has been will probably only understand this if you were alive in the 60's or the 70's. Music is the most powerful voice of the people...and it has been lost by design.

Anonymous said...

Mr Herbert G,
I have always said that we will date the era of Fascism from the moment they started using the soulful mind-altering music of the '60's to sell commodities.

Juan "Toss" Ensalada said...

Schorr: "I'm with Stupid."
Simon: "I'm with Senile.
Stupid + Senile = Sloppy.

Once again, MediaMatters.Org corrects 'liberal' UnPr.

Porter Melmoth said...

Thanks for the link, J"T"E. It is fulfilling to see other sources responding to the dysfunction of Un-Public Radio.