Friday, March 06, 2009

Snark is Alive and Well

Just had to love tonight's ATC report giving lots of time to the vacuous whining from Iain Martin who got his undies in a bunch over Obama's gifts to Brown. Golly, if only Obama could have given Brown a gift like, say, an invasion of a non-aggressor with all of its promises of glory, and profit (and a million dead Iraqis).

Seems like NPR goes dredging/drudging for stories in the same cesspool as some other hard-hitting outlets such as FOX, or PolypPundit, Will to Power Line, and Hot Air.


Kevan Smith said...

Ian also wrote a hysterical column for his paper, The Daily Telegraph. That's paper's nickname is the Torygraph, because it's so right wing.

gopol said...

That was amazingly long considering how utterly trite it was. Who the F$^$ cares about silly gifts? Holy crap soup, batshit, have you, at last, only inanity?

Anonymous said...

that would be "knickers in a twist" and it was all about reinforcing the americans-especially-left-leaning-are-unsophisticated-dolts meme than anything else. martin's record as editor of Scotsman in promoting the Iraq War against all facts (including trying to "debunk" Downing Street memo) is a matter of record.

Does NPR interview Wolfewitz on the
cost of Iraq War? Or Kristol on how that project for the Century is working out?

- pardon my crimes

Mytwords said...

Thanks for the correction - now I have my knickers in a twist!

Hubertg said...

Snark and impropriety ?? What's up with that hat ? a public gesture, I find THAT offensive.!!

miranda said...

Daily Telegraph, whose executive foreign editor, the aptly named Con Coughlin, was recently given an hour on Diane Rehm to spin his neocon fantasies about evil Iran. What 1953 CIA coup? Never happened!