Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bipartisan Warheads

Back when it was the Bushcorp crazies running the show it was no surprise for Bush to say utterly absurd and stupid things like claiming that Iran was a threat to launch WWIII and the only thing to stop it would be a "missile shield" based in Eastern Europe. What was disturbing was that NPR (see May 2007 and July 2008) and much of the rest of the media treated this nonsense as reasonable and necessary.

Ah, but times have changed, and we now have a new President, Democrat Barack Obama, pushing the same missile shield lies, and - guess what? - NPR is along for the ride. Don (my moral compass points toward power) Gonyea has been following Obama around and had this to say on Sunday ATC:

"Now in the speech the President segued from the threat posed by North Korea into the topic of Iran - specifically, the proposed US missile shield that would protect Eastern and Central Europe from a potential attack should Iran develop a nuclear weapon."

" would be a shield against a potential nuclear missile attack from Iran."

Looks like President Obama's not the only one who can slyly segue from one story and on into a paranoid, hypothetical (but very profitable) militarist fantasy.


Porter Melmoth said...

Boy, if Barry keeps sliding inexorably toward the Neocon brown-nosed target, NPR will actually start praising him!

Benefit of the Doubt Dept. (just something to ponder). Just because Obama's 'in' now, it doesn't mean that the venal mafia behind the scenes has dissipated. Indeed, emerging from the gravy days of the Bush Dynasty, the Neocon-Mafia-Corporate complex has no doubt marshaled their forces. You think they're going to let some greenhorn upstart push 'em around?

Obama may currently be the fall guy for our disappointments, but I try to keep in mind the absolute power of the absolutely corrupt and sinister players in all corners behind the scenes. They acquire and keep their power, no matter who flits through the White House for a finite amount of time. Political parties are seasonal, but absolute mafia power is forever, baby.

We shall see if Obama wholly embraces the powers that be, or if he will test the waters of - change. Either way, expectations should be kept, uh, conservative (!). For me, US presidents are all about disappointment. They aren't supposed to be fuhrers or a Moses. I think the power of the president should be minimized (thanks, Bush Empire!), but with the only alternatives, Judicial and Congress, in such corrupt shape, what are the alternatives?

I know: the Blogosphere!!!!

Porter Melmoth said...

I have to add that there are many fine voices out there calling the BS along the way. We know them well: Goodman, Greenwald, Moyers, Chomsky, Olbermann, Palast, Hersh, etc. etc. Nobody's perfect, but there's something for everybody.

See what going on the wagon from NPR can do for ya? Possibilities of optimism and 'happy warrioring' return!

Porter Melmoth said...

...and this here blog.

Anonymous said...

" would be a shield against a potential nuclear missile attack from Iran."

A shield against a potential attack?

What does that mean, anyway?

The parrots ate NPR say a lot of dumb things in response to nonsense emitted by the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but Gonyea takes the prize for dumbest of all (by a long shot).

That guy is simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Gonyea is the epitome of a sycophant.

He would suck up to a fire hydrant if he thought it would advance his "career."