Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Holy Grail, The Best of the Best, and an Epic

This week, Rachel Martin and Tom Bowman could barely contain their almost erotic excitement over the US JSOC operation that resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

On Monday afternoon, May 2, Martin was positively ecstatic:
"Intelligence officials tracked the courier for years. They knew his operational nickname. They watched his comings and goings and communication patterns, never knowing if he was really leading them to the Holy Grail or a dead end."
Then on Wednesday morning, May 4, Tom Bowman joins in with what FAIR has pointed out is "Superhuman" worship of the Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden (a worship that ignores any controversy of these commando units).
"There's a unit called Navy SEALS and then there's SEAL Team Six. They're not the same....the commandoes who slipped into bin Laden's compound this week are a cut above."
"The best of the best, he says, is SEAL Team Six."
Finally, today on Weekend Edition Saturday, sock-puppet / JSOC-puppet Martin is back on the put a little Homerian gloss on the glorious victory of killing Bin Laden. CIA Hayden (see post below) is up off his cot in the NPR offices to bring his serious expertise to bear, telling us, "But what happened Sunday and what happened in Khost are part of the same epic." Just in case you didn't get the fact that the killing of Bin Laden is one of the greatest military/intelligence feats in the history of the world, Rachel Martin echoes Hayden:
"The final chapter of that epic has now been written. The agency that took the risk at Khost that cost seven lives, took another chance last week — only this time, it paid off."


Anonymous said...

did you hear Amy Dickerson on Saturday's Wait, Wait . . .? She was even more "breathless" than Martin. Even worse than Couric's "You guys rock" when she had these kind of guys on a couple of years ago.

Patrick Lynch said...

For this story I would have picked an image of Bernini's statue of the Ecstasy of St. Theresa if we want to illustrate eroticism and ecstasy in one fell swoop.

The Ecstasy of Rachel Martin and Tom Bowman

The near erotic descriptions of not just Bin Laden's death but of all the war coverage on NPR has been soul wretching for nearly a decade now. I no longer remember when I noticed this particular vocal quality much in the same way I no longer remember their other vocal stylings when they think they're being particularly clever.

If the true history of that "epic" is ever written it will be a tale of the complete total failure of a people to understand why they have been destroyed as they delude themselves into thinking they're winning.

miranda said...

Anonymous, I heard that "Wait, Wait" segment. (Where was the reliably sardonic Paula Poundstone?) Dickerson reminded me of the "journalists" slavering over GWB's fake flight suit costume. Revoltin'.

geoff said...

etymology [grail] derives it from Latin gradalis or gradale via an earlier form, cratalis, a derivative of crater or cratus which was, in turn, borrowed from Greek krater (a two-handed shallow cup).

Translation into NPR: OBL was literally heaven sent: a meteor from the heavens whose impact in the dessert has melted and parted the sands so that Exxon, et al can enter the promised land. Having finally obtained possession of The Grail, NPR can now pour into it all the fictive bile it has been storing up for the occasion. ¡Halliburton!