Sunday, May 08, 2011

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geoff said...

I made this because I was struck at the similarity between Scott Simon's picture's benign, smiling cuddliness and OBL's.

Anonymous said...

seperated at birth perhaps?

There was a guy on ME and ATC couple of months ago that discussed the coming cyberwars. He said the US would never be the aggressor but it appears that US and Isreal conspired to launch a cyber attack against Iran. So I'm thinking that China has a "right" to launch a cyber attack against US banking system (that which was left after the banksters and fraudsters did their "attack").

And listening to Obama I wondered how many of the Bush administration legal experts (Yoo etc etc) stuidied under the "Constitutional scholar" Barrack Obama? Cause it seems like he has less of a grasp of Constitutional principles than many in the Bush regime.


miranda said...

A dead ringer, geoff. Oops!

geoff said...

Yeah, Miranda, I was really struck by how seamless the transition was!

Meanwhile, reading between the lines of NPR we find a vast empty space where there ought to be reporting on significant happenings in the Mexico drug war. The best you can find at NPR is the usual AP tripe, 13 Killed In Lake Gunbattle In Northern Mexico giving thrill-filled accounts of shoot-outs and grotesque murders that have followed the (rigged) election of Calderon.

Beaubien did about 2 minutes on it last Friday, saying that it was "interesting." Really?! Frickin' Scarlet Cokie Roberts O'Hara could have said that!

There was also a mention on the relatively obscure Can I Just Tell You? in which Michel Martin assures us that I am not making an argument for legalization or decriminalization.

Phew...what a relief! That might mean we'd have to bail out the banks...again!

The real story is hinted at in this Guardian article: How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs.

miranda said...

While pleased to hear Glenn Greenwald on NPR yesterday (quite rare, I think), he got the NeoConan treatment, predictably. Osama's "bragging" about killing Americans is, shall we say, a very wobbly assertion -- but not in Conan-land.


CONAN: So U.S. forces kill a man who bragged about the deaths of thousands of Americans on 9/11. A lot of people would agree with President Obama and say justice was served.

To caller:

CONAN: Anne, I think a lot of people would have difficulty with drawing a moral equivalence between Osama bin Laden and the president of the United States. But Glenn Greenwald, in a sense, that's the question you're asking.

geoff said...

A story this ME about how, despite the prosecution of whistle-blowers in the Obama administration being ridiculously overzealous, Reeps like Grassley and clamoring for more.


JayV said...

Ask Kai Rysdaal how it feels to be a whore for Monsanto's GMO's.

If you listen to NPR, you might have been surprised to hear a story that ran last week on the program Marketplace that sounded as if it were written by Monsanto itself.

The report, entitled "The Non-Organic Future," claimed that the only way to feed the world is to give poor farmers fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds.

Don't Let Monsanto Buy Out Public Radio! --

This is what I wrote: "Clearly "The Non-Organic Future," public radio's Marketplace program which I heard on NPR last week was bought and paid for by Monstanto. For shame, APM, for shilling for one of the worst toxic polluters on the planet.... The story was one sided and could have been written by the Monstanto PR dept (probably was). I've hard of commercial radio and television stations running info mercials; I am shocked that APM would do so. This is one reason why I refuse to contribute to National Public Radio.

I am a commissioner of the Burlington VT board of health and we are working with home owners to switch from pesticides/herbicides, which cause health problems for children and adults alike. Proven. And you run a terrible story like this?"

Anonymous said...

Scott Simon was talking about "strategic communication" which is Orwell for propaganda. The best spin for US is bottom line on this kind of crap. He immediately followed this by talking to a person from the Institute of Peace.

Sounds like a good thing. Study peace, how to achieve it and maybe even how to prevent war itself. Ah yes The Institute of Peace.

President Ronald Reagan signed the bill creating this agency and like he said at the time: “in the real world, peace through strength must be our motto.”

I doubt that "peace" is the priority at the Institute of Peace. I'm just saying . . .


geoff said...

According to Neat Patty Radio's report, Libyan Opposition Leader: The Revolution Is Led By 'New Breed Of Generations', Libya's interim PM Mahmoud Gebril ElWarfally (really? El War Folly?) has said,

The U.S. wouldn't call for a large military base in Libya. "I think McDonald's culture is more effective than military bases," he said.

Ever quick to pile onto their Croc of spit, Patty Radio Int'l has also reported Sandwich Monday: The Meat Monster that

Chinese KFC has the Tender Beef Pentagon, German McDonald's has Das Nurnburger.

If we can't have Nuremberg, Nurnburger is the next best thing?

Anonymous said...

"NPR calls RT anti-American

National Public Radio’s syndicated program "On the Media" discussing the topic of Global Media Wars, portrayed RT as having an “extremely confrontational stance when it comes to US,” and alleged that the channel perpetrates an anti-American agenda."

I call NPR anti-American for its intentional efforts to subvert democracy through disseminating disinformation.

geoff said...

[On the Media's] Mr. Massey lauds RT for its innovative usage of the Web as a means of reaching out to their audience. When Mr. Massey goes on to critique the credibility of RT, however, he ranks the network a “1” on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest possible score. He quoted former CBS Moscow correspondent Jonathan Sanders, saying the station calls in guests on the “fringes of respectability.”

What, no retired Pentagon generals who shill for the MIC? Shame, RT!

informedveteran said...

"Guests on the “fringes of respectability.” "

Sure. They are on the fringes alright, but they are more like lone voices of sanity and clarity. People like Danny Schechter. People banished to the wilderness because they dared make "crazy conspiracy" documentaries called "In Debt We Trust: America Before The Bubble Burst" suggesting there would be an economic collapse long before it happened.

Nowadays his "fringe" ideas include prosecuting Wall Street fraudsters responsible for the economic collapse.

Danny Schechter is on RT all the time.

I can't believe how much NPR sucks these days.

"On The Media" is one of the worst.

informedveteran said...

Here, the News Dissector demonstrates how to get on the fast track to the "fringe".

As far as I can tell this 12/20/04 appearance on NPR was his last. Must have hit a little too close to home.

"Emmy award-winning producer Danny Schechter discusses his new documentary WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception, challenging the news media's role in the Iraq war. Hear Schechter and NPR's Tony Cox."

Anonymous said...

NPR has become the preferred instrument of our government to maintain the status quo.

National Propaganda Radio, whose primary purpose is to keep poor and working class Americans down -- in our places, where we belong (while providing a "decent living wage" [5 figure salary] for its "hosts" and execs) .

Our public dollars at work.

Yours and mine.

Anonymous said...

make that "6 figure salary"


It's hard for me to imagine how the other 10% lives.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought NPR could not go any lower, they do a story entitled "IMF Chief's Arrest Renews Euro Debt Crisis Fears"

So, is the talking point that investigating/persuing a sexual assault case will make the debt crisis worse?

So the whole thing should be dropped?

Is that the message?

NPR rally has become absolutely disgusting.

Vile really.

The whole slimy organization should be shut down.

geoff said...

This thing: "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request" is sucking rotten eggs.

geoff said...

The most lame NPR book plug ever: You Bug Me. Now Science Explains Why.. The so-called "Science Desk Correspondent," Joe Palca, with his Ph.D. in psychology, graces the NPR audience (tens of millions of hapless so-called liberals trapped in their automobiles) with a grand treatise on why things are sometimes annoying.

First, why is a psychologist in charge of science reporting? Is real science so threatening to the propaganda agenda?

Second, what, are they just rubbing are noses in how friggin ridiculous they are?

geoff said...


Anonymous said...

(tens of millions of hapless so-called liberals trapped in their automobiles)

"Helpless" is more like it.

"Help, I'm trapped in my car and I can't turn the radio off!"

The only reason anyone ever listens to NPR is that they have nothing better to do when they are trapped in their car in their way too and from work.

What are their other choices? Bill O'Reilly? Gelnn Beck? Laura Ingraham?

And a "Drive-by moment" is Steve Inskeep, Scott Simon, Michelle Norris or any of the rest of the NPR clowns taking a propaganda potshot at you while you are trapped in your car.

Anonymous said...

"But what makes them annoying? It's the question that NPR Science Correspondent Joe Palca and Science Friday's Flora Lichtman set out to answer in their new book, Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us."

What bugs me is when NPR uses the public airwaves to advertise the books of (and enrich) the people who work there.

They do it ALL the time.

Scott Simon, Anne Garrels, etc.

It's corrupt.

Par for the course.

NPR is a thoroughly corrupt organization.

JayV said...

Electronic Intifada:

NPR at White House's service in name of social media "conversation" on Obama speech

"No critics of Obama administration policy in the Arab world have been invited to sit at the same table as Rhodes to provide any of NPR’s famous “balance.”

Even worse, this event is being done at the behest of the White House itself..."

JayV said...

Yuk. I thought APM was bad enough shilling for Monsanto...
"Frito-Lay Uses Time Square For PR Stunt : NPR "

"NPR will gladly disseminate the propaganda," says Nate Bowman in a comment, and I agree!

gDog said...

Re the Fritos ad:
Fred B (h0bbes) wrote:

Talk about trying to polish a dog's egg... eesh.

geoff said...

John Nichols, author of The S Word, says that NPR is deathly afraid of socialism. Searching NPR for "socialism" brings up China and Cuba and Foreign Policy Fightin' Words where we learn that Santorum has lambasted the administration for not doing enough to combat "militant socialism" (according to the AP, an earlier draft of the speech called it "godless socialism") — referring to Hugo Chavez's growing influence in Latin America and China's "saber rattling in the South China Sea."

Plus, partner content from the New Republic where we learn that Obama's vision is more comfortable with the loftier ideals of the Republican party, despite the "hyperbolic, simplistic claims about socialism."

Yep, that's about it for socialism on NPR.