Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Drums of War-Iran

If you want to "get your war on" with Iran then NPR news is the place for you. This morning featured a stunning interview with Gary Samore (who has ties to the old Clinton regime) and is an "expert" on the developing war moves on Iran. He said that if Iran fails to stop uranium enrichment then "the US and others would have to consider whether to use military force" of which the "consequence would be to delay" an Iranian nuclear weapon's program. Oh? I'm always nervous when someone says the US has to consider military force (It's done wonders for Iraq!). Where was this necessity for considering military force when Israel introduced nuclear weapons into the Middle East? Why "have to"? It is truly amazing to hear an "expert" frame a situation so that a weak nation threatened with military aggression by two nations with the strongest militaries on the planet is seen as the problem! (Especially, with one of these nations--that's us--keeping the nuclear first strike option "on the table." Lastly, the consequences of US military force will involve a lot more than "delay." Maybe untold death, destruction, suffering, instability, terror, etc.

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