Sunday, June 25, 2006

Amnesty for...well...uh...nobody!

On NPR this evening Craig Windham reported on the "amnesty" plan being put forth by Iraqi PM al-Maliki. Windham states that the plan contains “an offer of amnesty to insurgents who were willing to renounce violence and who had not been involved in terrorist attacks against US or Iraqi troops.” Then to drive home the point NPR has GOP Senator Mitch McConnell and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin both denouncing any amnesty for insurgents who have killed US troops (BTW, I actually like our Illinois Sen. Durbin). NPR would do it's listeners a service to remind listeners that attacks on belligerent occupiers is not terrorism--unless a number of civilians are actually or likely to be killed in the attack. I find it terrible that our citizens in the military are being killed in Iraq; it is sad and tragic, but the blame lies squarely with the leaders who launched the war of agression against Iraq. Many in the Iraqi insurgency have committed disgraceful war crimes and terrorists acts, but attacking occupying troops does not qualify as such.

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