Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back to the Republic of Ignorance

Back from Spain I had to wake up to Morning Edition's story on poverty in Latin America. Michelle Kellerman asked, "Why is Latin America so poor?" NPR turns to the banking industry for answers! I thought history might be a good place to start looking for such answers: conquest, pillage, genocide, slavery after the arrival of the Europeans and more recently invasion, military coups, assasination of union leaders, systematic torture and death squad governments, drug running, etc. (all these provided and/or nurtured along by the US since the days of US-Mexican war [remember good old Thoreau?] and continuing unabated right up to the present [plan Columbia and the failed coup against Chavez]). But NPR doesn't want you to learn any history. Instead the problem is that credit for the poor is too hard to get. Astounding!


E. said...

Check out the most recent post on Creek Running North for a look at how NAFTA has decimated the lives of Mexican farmers. Not surprising, but details I wasn't aware of (hm. I wonder why I haven't heard it in the American media, including NPR). Also, another reason to avoid high fructose corn syrup.

The Creek Running North post is at

Hope you had a great stay in Spain!

Anonymous said...

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