Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Not My Lai...Not My Lai...Not...

Friday's All Things Considered (ATC) gives voice to retired army general, , analyzing the massacre at Haditha. Scales who was a unit commander in Vietnam said he was "deeply, deeply saddened" about the killings in Haditha, Iraq. In his analysis Scales notes that in both Iraq and Vietnam young soldiers confronted the "faceless brutality of the enemy."(Makes one wonder where the face was/is on the US napalm, cluster bombs, carpet bombing, "relocation" camps, etc.) Some of us may wonder if Haditha is just the tip of the iceberg (how many Hadithas have we not heard about), but Scales reassures us that (in Haditha) "“those charged with finding the truth will do so with celerity and dispatch."” You can decide if the Pentagon has shown any inclination toward "finding the truth with celerity and dispatch." Frankly the record indicates the opposite.

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