Saturday, June 17, 2006

Schorr Gets It Half Right

In commentary on today's morning Weekend Edition Dan Schorr points out what hardly any other MSM outlets noted regarding Bush's trip to Baghdad: the secrecy, dissembling, and high security suprise drop-in on the Green Zone shows the near complete absence of security in the Iraqi capital--including the inablity of the US forces to provide conventional security that usually accompanies state visits. He didn't mention the fact that the US must have serious concerns that the highest levels of the Iraqi "Unity" Government is infiltrated by insurgents if they can't even give PM al-Maliki more than a five minute warning!
On the negative side Schorr allows NPR host Yidstie to again describe the deaths of three illegal detainees at Guantanamo as suicides. (This may seem trivial, but I think it is essential that when prisoners are seized and held extrajudicially and die in custody, one must be skeptical about the conditions of the deaths (not to mention that more than a few detainees held by US forces in the "War on Terror" have been killed by torture. see a, b). Schorr follows up this by only considering how the deaths have effected the image of the US and the Bush administration--nothing about the victims of the prison camp at Guantanamo and how it is a frontal assault by the Bush administration on international law and basic rights enshined in our own Constitution.

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