Thursday, June 22, 2006

Very, very, very, very successful

Those four verys are the words of Staff Sgt. Earl J. Catagnus Jr. during this interview Thursday morning conducted by Steve Inskeep. Catagnus was the leader of a group of Marine snipers who worked to "remove" insurgents from houses during the battle of Fallujah in November 2004. Ignore the likelihood that at least a thousand civilians were killed in the November 2004 destruction of Fallujah. Ignore the probability that the assault probably produced more insurgents and sympathizers than it killed. Instead sit back and listen in awe with the fawning Inskeep as he hears how "successful" and "careful" the US was in its assault on Fallujah. This completely one-sided Pentagon propaganda is inexcusable. If you are looking to make up your own mind about Fallujah, I'd recommend Wikipedia's external links section of its article on the siege and also this from the Guardian Unlimited of the UK.

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