Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Category Five Lie

NPR continues the misinformation on Hurricane Katrina. In the opening news summary on morning edition today Carl Castle states that New Orleans was nearly destroyed by a hurricane. This is completely untrue--and is misinformation that is immensly beneficial to the Bush administration. New Orleans was nearly destroyed--not by Katrina--but by the failure of the levees (fault of the Army Corps of Engineers) and the hundreds (about 1500) of people who drowned there died because of the incompetence of the Bush administration and FEMA which ignored researched instructions for evacuating the elderly, sick, and impoverished.

Given that Morning Edition then follows with shallow coverage of Bush's midyear electioneering trip to the Gulf Coast and New Orleans, this opening report is indeed frustrating.

Listeners who want to inform theselves should take a look at the LSU Hurricane Center website or listen to yesterday's Democracy Now story by Greg Palast which featured the deputy director of the LSU Center.

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