Saturday, August 12, 2006

Join Us for Another Successful Military Attack!

All right, NPR's Tom Bowman has jumped in with both feet to help construct the next Washington warmongers military adventure--this time in Iran. He talks to some choice individuals (Newt Gingrich and Richard Perle) and presents some real pearls of misinformation. Here are a few of the really shining moments from this "journalist":

  • Regarding the debate in the US government about Iran he says, "nowhere is that debate as intense as at the Pentagon which would be called upon should diplomatic efforts fail at the State Department." Notice how this assumes it as a given that war should follow if Iran refuses to stop uranium enrichment.
  • Referrring the thuggish Perle and Gingrich he states, "Gingrich and other Pentagon advisors including Richard Perle are calling for covert support for democratic groups in Iraq" [interesting--he meant to say Iran]. Suggesting that Perle and Gingrich support any democratic groups is like suggesting the Klan supports activists for racial harmony.
  • Bowman continues the lie that the nasty Iranian president has "has publicly called for destruction of the Jewish state." This is a mistranslation.
  • Noting that a one-time Israeli strike on Iran would not stop its nuclear development he says, "a one time strike would do little to halt Iran’s nuclear program…that means an effective military attack on Iran could only be done by the Americans—cruise missles fired from ships, B-2 warplanes hammering Iranian nuclear facilities..." Like our other successful military attack on Iraq! If this isn't cheerleading for war on Iran what is?
  • Bowman continues the complete nonsense that Iran is helping the insurgency in Iraq. Any fool knows that Iran is helping the Shiite parties in Iran, but has no interest in helping the Sunni insurgency. Bowman states, "Gingrich says there are deep divisions…the defense department he says is at the very least eager to cut off the growing Iranian help to Iraqi insurgents."
This is disgraceful reporting at best. And notice again that NPR offers NO historical context to the issue--even something as recent as Iran's peace offers in 2003.

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