Monday, August 14, 2006

Making Up News and Numbers

Steve Inskeep continues his dismal performance on NPR this morning. In reporting on the ceasefire in Lebanon and northern Israel he sums up the horror show of the last month by stating, "34 days of warfare have devastated much of south Lebanon, left northern Israel in shambles – about 900 people have been killed." This is so incredibly biased and sloppy that it deserves mention. First, the Israeli airforce has devastated ALL of Lebanon not just much of the south [consider this BBC assessment after just two weeks of the air assault]. Then to contextually balance this with the statement about "northern Israel in shambles" is grotesque [again let me emphasize that I consider Hezbollah's rocket attacks on Israeli civilian cities a war crime and if we lived in a world with any semblance of justice Nasrallah and Olmert (and the entire military leadership of Israel) would be cellmates in the Hague right about now.] Lastly, where does Inskeep get the figure of 900 people from? I recall 900 being bandied about a week or so ago--and each day since then there have been many more killings of civilians and - of course - combatants. For better information on casualties I'd suggest these sites at Wikipedia or


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