Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Schorr and Schorrer

Someone needs to tell Dan Schorr to do a little research before offering his threadbare ramblings on Iran. It's really sad to hear him disgrace himself as he prepares the ground for a US war against Iran. His ideas on Iran are about as thoughtful of those of our proud to be stupid president. He posits Iran's success of late (a success of which a respected British research group seems to concur) on Iran's active planning and scheming (they urged Hezbollah to start a war against Israel, after all--in Schorr's world of make believe). He fails to give any of the credit to our own cadre of bumbling, ignorant and violent religious extremists holding court in Washington. Could Iran's political successes of late have anything to do with the US invading Iraq, or helping Israel dismantle Lebanon's civil society? Not in Schorr-world. According to Schorr there is a battle going on between radical Islam (=Iran) and democracy (=US), and radical Islam has the upper hand. What a sad and simple-minded assessment of the many strands of politics, religion, culture, extremism, and violence that are now tangled up in the Middle East.

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