Saturday, August 05, 2006

War Crimes or War Crimes Lite : a Phony Debate

I thought I might have to eat my words when I heard NPR's ATC state that they were going to debate the issue of possible "war crimes" in the conflict in Lebanon. Instead NPR lowers its journalistic credibility another notch by pulling the con of having two people who only disagree on minor points while fully endorsing the major goals and strategies of US-Israeli foreign policy. The two notables are Major General Robert Scales, Jr., USA (Ret.)--former commandant of the Army War College--and Professor Sir Adam Roberts. In this debate the neither of these "experts" can call Israel's actions war crimes, and basically agree that Hezbollah is the villain and responsible for the devastation being wrought on Lebanon. Sir Roberts comes out as the liberal who does gently question the bombing of the power plant, relief convoys, and the Qana building. And both do discuss how Israel's actions may be tactically unwise.

Has NPR heard of Richard Falk? His name came up on NPR one time back in 2002 when he "supported" the US attack on Afghanistan as just. Maybe they could bring him back again, although he might not fit into NPR's pro-US slant on this conflict (or the Occupied Territories or the war in Iraq).

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