Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Glimpse

It was refreshing that NPR aired the Guantanamo tapes this morning and evening and let them stand for the mockery of justice they represent. Finally a audio-glimpse into the Kafkaesque world of GWOT justice. I do think it would be more responsible for journalists to call the prisoners extrajudicial detainees, or arbitrary detainees instead of "terror suspects." Given that there is no impartial, verifiable evidence on which to base suspicion of these prisoners, calling them "suspects" gives an undeserved legitimacy to the whole sham. That being said, the audiotapes are a powerful indictment of the legal fraud being perpetrated by the US government and military on these prisoners and on our Constitutional liberties and principles -- and NPR should be proud of airing them.

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Anonymous said...

Last night, as soon as ME!-chelle Norris referred to the detainees as "terror suspects" I went screaming to my husband. When I finished my rant about her I told him at least there's NPR-check. And lo, what's your lead story today? This blog is definitely one thing I'll be sure to mention in my thanks giving tomorrow.