Friday, November 24, 2006

Open Thread - Friday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for a while now (I suggested the Angry Arab coverage you cited below)... you're doing great (and sorely needed) work here.

I'm watching PBS as I write...should you ever get bored with your NPR coverage, I hope you (or someone of your caliber) decides to also take on the PBS Newshour. That show definitely need some outside review, for the same reasons that NPR habitually sinks to douchebaggery.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes indeed, a 'PBS Check' would be welcome, but we don't want Mytwords to be spread too thinly!

I still honor Jim Lehrer as a newsman of fine caliber, but the rest of the show (R. Rodriguez et al, excepted) have become too subtly corporate for my tastes. I seem to recall Margaret Warner, more dreary than usual, reacting with unprofessional charm to Hugo Chavez' galvanizing UN speech. Why waste my time with this in-a-rut show?

Anyway, I can hardly watch PBS at all any more. Literally. The reception via antenna has become so bad, it's unwatchable. I wouldn't be surprised if the corporate interests and cable companies are squeezing we UHF viewers out, even though we've paid (or used to) our pledges.

OK, back to NPR...