Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Terror 101

Tuesday morning NPR has a piece about radiocative "dirty bombs," car bombs, kidnappings, and the assasination of journalists. NPR sent John Hendren, its "Pentagon reporter," to the Air Force's Joint Special Operations University at Hulburt Field, Florida to tell us all about a "popular course," the Dynamics of Terrorism.

There was a certain gruesome irony to the story in which NPR reported on the terror tactics of official US enemies, the "bad guys" as the report calls them. As is typical, what NPR doesn't report are the terrror tactics of the "good guys": US radiocative (depleted Uranium) bombs and their effects, US-sponsored car bombs, kidnappers and assassins trained by the US, and journalists bombed and murdered by US forces.

Maybe I'm rushing to judgement, and this morning's report was only part one of the story, and soon NPR will air part two and cover these missing elements--or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Darned "terrorists"...why can't they drop clusterbombs or napalm on civilian populations, or shoot tank rockets into buildings full of families, or something like that...?

Anonymous said...

on reporters, no less?

Anonymous said...

Part Two of this series will air on ME right after the story that Karl Rove is out of touch with what America wants. That is, never.