Saturday, December 09, 2006

Open Thread - Weekend

NPR related comments welcomed.


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Read "Augusto Pinochet: Villain to Some, Hero to Others"


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The anti-democracy moves by the CIA are played down. Long into the piece we get:

"Having undermined the Allende government, U.S. officials were quick to praise Pinochet when he brought in American economic advisers and instituted radical free-market reforms in Chile."

The ONLY Chilean interviewed is a Pinochet supporter.

And the this:

"But Pinochet's brutality and stubbornness soon proved too much even for his allies. Elliott Abrams, the assistant secretary of state for Latin America under President Reagan, says that he and other U.S. officials grew increasingly frustrated over Pinochet's unwillingness to return Chile to democracy.

'By the mid-80s, it was clear that he had outlived any usefulness he had ever had,' Abrams says. 'Even if you thought he was terrific in 1973, by 1983, it was time for him to go.'"


And on it goes.