Sunday, December 10, 2006

Towering Lies

Here was a stunner on Weekend Edition Sunday today: "Ronald Reagan was deep in the Iran-Contra scandal, was accused of having countenanced a plan to trade arms for hostages and diverting the proceeds illegally to freedom fighters in Central America." Freedom fighters! So says historian Michael Beschloss during a report today on high-profile US government commissions. That there is anyone who still can call the torture loving, murderous, drug-running Contras freedom fighters with a straight face is unbelievable--and that the reporter doesn't question it is a shame.

Speaking of the sham Tower Commission that saved Reagan's political career at the cost of weakening the constitutional separation of powers, Beschloss describes it as "one that actually worked." Yes, if you are a fan of executive power running roughshod over constitutional limitations--or if you believe the Contras were the "moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers."

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Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighters? Can you tell me what happend when the contras put down their weapons? Oh that's right elections were held. A free press was re-instituted, freedom of speech was permitted. Now Danny is back and his first order of business to shore up support among the Catholics is the most restrictive abortion law in La. Am.