Friday, January 12, 2007

At the Media Reform Conference

So far I haven't found any defenders of NPR News here at the National Conference for Media Reform. On the contrary, when ever I have spoken up about my blog, I've noticed many heads nodding in agreement.

Several presenters such as Juan Gonzales (co-host on Democracy Now!) and Jeff Cohen, author of Cable News Confidential commented on the sad state of NPR news coverage. In talking with several attendees, many of them expressed a great deal of frustration with NPR's on air personalities never asking the "hard question" of rightwing guests.

The schedule is pretty full, so I won't have many opportunities to catch NPR News stories. I'll be back to regular commentary on Monday or Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I would be very much interested in events at the conference in as much detail as you can give. I wish I could have gone. Is anyone from NPR there?

Unknown said...

I would just like to recommend a NPR show that was actually good. It was “US air strikes in Somalia” on the Diane Rehm Show. Many different view points were represented, not only the “American Exceptionalism” one.

Mytwords said...

kevan:Be sure to check the link to the Media Conference: there is a full schedule and LIVE STREAMING available.

Ulf: Diane Rehm is a credit to NPR. When I've listened to her she really asks good questions and challenges guests and callers. In my mind she represents what good centrist journalism/interviewing should be.

Anonymous said...

Diane Rehm is a a total professional. I once heard her name mentioned as an Engineer for a Pacifica (WBAI) show, if so, she probably did it for free.