Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Old Lie

In an illegal war, based on lies, resulting in the over half a million civilian deaths and thousands of military deaths (both allies and foes), and leading to less civil liberties , and greater threats to security - you just might hope their would be a few expressions of guilt and remorse. Instead NPR treats us to...
  • "...but there are thousands of other mothers and dads, soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, who carry that burden [of risk and sacrifice] every day so that I don’t have to."
  • "Every minute I get to spend with my daughter, is paid for by the sacrifices of soldiers better than me."
This is from Yale law student, former teacher at the Citadel, and former Navy pilot Ken Harbaugh. It says a lot about NPR that they consider this militaristic rubbish worthy of broadcast. I hate to tell Ken and NPR but EVERY single life lost or shattered by injury in Iraq has done absolutely nothing to advance freedom, dignity, or peace and security; on the contrary, each life has been a criminal waste and those leaders responsible should be investigated, tried and sentenced if found guilty. Over and over many young and idealistic people join the US military under the delusion that they will be spreading freedom and that their lives and sacrifices will never be cynically squandered for someone's political career or for corporate profits. And it is precisely people like Harbaugh (and stations like NPR) that continue to sucker people into it with " The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est /Pro patria mori."

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Anonymous said...

War Is A Racket

Anonymous said...

The timing of these strikes were politically motivated to coincide with the further escalation of US troops in Iraq to instill fear via using 9/11 in the people who voted against the Iraq war in November. The targets of the strike were mislabeled as terrorists, when in reality they were called freedom fighters prior to 9/11. These warmongers have no respect for human life and that includes the promoters at NPR.

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