Thursday, January 11, 2007

Open Thread - Thursday - Friday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

This afternoon on 'Here and Now', the always amenable Robin Young had, of all people, Richard Perle, to explain the escalation to us non-believers. Gee, he's never lied to anyone has he? I'm so sick of NPR's always going to the AEI well to gloss over a government misdeed. She never asked him if he personally profited from the Iraq war, or any other mischief; all of which made him a very wealthy man. She tried a wee bit of confrontation-lite, but it was a joke. No wonder the Philly station didn't meet its last fundraising drive, people are tired of this shit.
And for a different slant on the Somalia situation, in addition to the 'Democracy Now!' link posted below, Wayne Madsen has a more full expose of the religious conflicts involved. I don't recall hearing 'Jumpin' for Jesus Jerry Boykin being mentioned on NPR, but apparently he's still meddling in Somalia.

Anonymous said...

I think H&N is affiliated with another group, Amercian Public Media, or some such (not worth cranking up the google), not NPR. Perhaps we need a subset of the other public radio outlets.

I loved the Nero Phiddles Radio!