Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Open Thread - Wednesday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

This person has a nice piece on NPR salaries, on the Tuesday post:

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year...what well paid ho's they are! No wonder they're so damned smug and unlikely to bite the hand that fellates them.

Anonymous said...

Renee Montaigne made $308,000; Steve Inskeep , $301,000, and Robert Siegel $288,000.

holy crap, I had no idea. They're not worth 1/2 that. And Inskeep should pay his listeners, actually.

Anonymous said...

"Just by some kawinky-dink, four out of NPR's five highest paid staffers are corporate marketers, according to NPR's IRS 990 form. In 2000, these employees were: Bob Edwards, senior host, $242,411 in salary and benefits; John Gilmore, Director Corporate Marketing, $240,801; Kent Martin, National Representative Corporate Marketing, $232,734; Blake Truitt, Manager Corporate Marketing, $205,238 and Connie Mongroo, Co-Director Corporate Marketing, $191,299 (does Mongroo make less than employees with seemingly lower titles because she's a woman?). Kevin Klose, NPR's President and CEO, was paid a measly $228,322 in salary and benefits, but then again, he also received an additional $76,665 for his "expense account and other allowances."

this is by a post by Mark Crispin Miller on his blog, here:

I'm just disgusted.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear what the average editor/producer makes.