Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saint Petraeus

The Petraeus worship has to stop! Guy Raz is at it again on Morning Edition today. Raz says, "Almost every Senator indicated support, relieved to be dealing with a military commander who’s prepared to tell it like it is." And then, "The President is sending Petraeus off to save America in Iraq. The Senate wants him to save the military from the President, and Petraeus – ever the diplomat – knows how to walk between those drops of rain."

Tell it like it is? Can we have a little evidence? Did Petraeus "tell it like it is" on the illegality of the war? the torture of detainees? the flattening of Fallujah? Or does he care more about that precious 4th star than taking a stand against the idiocy of the "surge?"

"Save America in Iraq?" What of "America" is there to save in Iraq? To save Bush's butt would be more like it? To turn our Stalingrad into a Dunkirk - maybe? And who is going to save our creaky Republic from the Pentagon loving militarists that Guy Raz is so comfortable hanging out with?

"Walk between those drops of rain"? Something's in the water at NPR!


Unknown said...

Just listen to Zmag’s “Barsamian/Peters: Mainstream Media 1”. Can be found at:

1h 18min 45 s into it there is an interesting story about when Noam Chomsky was going to come on NPR. From 1999.

Porter Melmoth said...

Very interesting. Further evidence, if any is needed, that NPR's dubious agenda has been in play for much longer than many listeners might have thought. The more their insidiousness is exposed, the better.

Mytwords said...

Thanks for the link - really creepy and as Porter said, a longer history of squelching journalism than many would imagine.