Friday, February 23, 2007

Bing Em On!

Yesterday was a sunny report on how things are looking up in Ramadi, and this morning NPR wants you to breakfast on more Bing West B.S. (I've commented on this propagandist before.) Renee Montagne starts off with this: "Now for an assessment of two other critical areas in Iraq – Anbar province and Baghdad. We check in from time to time with retired Marine Bing West...just returned from a month long trip to Iraq. What was different this time from your past visits?

I bet you can guess what the prognosis is--great! Things are swinging the American's way in al-Anbar province and Baghdad. Bing is really pumped on how the "the sheiks who are in charge of the major tribes...have swung...and are aligning with the Americans against al-Qaeda."

Montagne asks West, "what did you find was the reaction this time from Iraqis who are seeing these new US troops flowing in to Baghdad?" If the war wasn't so tragic this bit of farce would be funny. Seriously, what is this joker going to know about what Iraqis think? Does he speak Arabic? Has he lived in Iraq before the invasion? Has he studied Arabic and Iraqi culture? Does he have contacts with any sources who have had a chance to bond with the Americans at Abu Ghraib or Camp Cropper--or get to know the Shiite 'Salvador' Drill Teams that the Americans helped create? Seriously, give me a break?

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Anonymous said...

Bing West showed up at the Center for Naval Analyses in the mid-80s, when the Reaganauts sold it to the Hudson Institute. That crew knew nothing about (a) management, (b) people, or (c) analysis. But they sure were true believers.