Monday, February 12, 2007

A Trip Down Memory Lane

"...disclosed satellite photographs, intercepted Iraqi military communications, and the accounts of Iraqi sources and defectors...they all add up to a picture of a country that has evaded arms inspections, developed weapons of mass destruction, and aided terrorists, including al-Qaeda..."
- Robert Siegel parroting Sec. Powell's speech to the UN on February 5, 2003.

If you can bear going back four tragic years, it's worth listening to this worthless "analysis" of Powell's convincing con that got us in to Iraq. You'll hear Siegel and his two guests say such things as "a very compelling, irrefutable case," "a very good case," and "you can never find…eighteen needles in an enormous haystack, eighteen trucks [the supposed mobile weapons labs] perhaps that might be on the highways of Iraq."

You'd think that reporters like Siegel would feel some remorse for helping pass along the lies that led to the horrors of Iraq - and now would be aggressively challenging the current junk intelligence that's laying the groundwork for war in Iran. But sadly this current sell is like a bad re-run. Here he is tonight talking to Guy Raz: "...military intelligence experts presented their case to reporters in Baghdad, and today at the Pentagon officials continued to push the accusation."

Raz responds, "...first of all it’s not a new accusation….the Pentagon has been implicating Iran in a whole host of attacks on US forces in Iraq, but what makes this accusation different is that it’s more specific…these E.F.P.s…bombs that they say are being made in Iran and being sent over the Iran-Iraq border, that it’s a deliberate Iranian program, the government in Iran is behind it they say at the highest levels in Iran."

A little further into the interview Siegel asks, "...what kind of evidence does the military cite...?" To which Raz (echoing the February 2003 report) says, "Well some of it is indeed compelling…and some of it is circumstantial…the compelling evidence is that the military has shown mortar rounds that have serial numbers on them…are Iranian serial numbers…they have to be made in Iran..."

Does either of these men have a memory, a brain, a conscience?

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Bird Guy said...

On weekend ATC, somebody was being interviewed about Rudy Guiliani's prospects for a Presidential run. The interviewer starts by saying that "obviously" Rudy has anti-terror credentials. Obviously? What credentials? I couldn't pay attention to anything after that part - the man definitely has PR credentials, I won't argue with that.