Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Avoid Politics

When you hear Steve Inskeep say "avoid politics" be afraid. Translated it means "go along," "no dissent," "don't protest," and it means Inskeep likes it. So today he sings the praises of Conor Oberst's latest CD: "Conor Oberst...first captured the public attention as a protest singer with ambitions that brought to mind Bob Dylan. Now at the advanced age of 27, Oberst seems to have mellowed...new album...is out today; it mostly avoids politics."

Yes $300,000 Inskeep(see p. 7 of this PDF link) likes mellow. The excerpts featured on this sad little report sound more like Muzak than music (Inskeep: "...strings and girl group harmonies"), which is a shame because Oberst has a great sound.

The web write-up of the story is even more offensive, stating, "Bright Eyes' new album, Cassadaga, mostly shies away from political screeds."

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whiskey said...

I read this piece online, and it bugged me too. I guess mostly because I find Bright Eyes' music so damn good, and their approach seemed so damn dismissive of its political content. I haven't heard the new record yet (I bought the EP) but it's hard to believe there's no political themes there.