Saturday, April 14, 2007

Open Thread - Weekend

NPR related comments welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Saturday morning, Scott Simon basically called Barack Obama a hypocrite for not returning David Geffen's campaign contributions (because some of Geffen's money derives from rap recordings with bad words).

Scott Simon is a such a pathetic douchebag. He's the one NPR personality I can honesty say I loathe.

Porter Melmoth said...

Yes indeed, SS was his typical egotistical, sick-making self. What else could he be?
You could hear the disdain in his voice when he interviewed (very briefly) the fellow from Media Matters. That organization has of course aimed some very purposeful criticism at NPR, which SS acknowledged, with a sort of quiet, pissy, and defensive condescension, as if, how DARE you.

Anonymous said...

Props Where Props Are Due Dept?

Someone at DailyKos caught some good NPR commentary for a change on the Imus flap during today's sports show "It's Only a Game," where, believe it or not, Charlie Pierce said:

"...this was a camel carrying a great many straws. I think there's a lot of soul-searching involved from people in my business and in the political business for why they enabled this pathetic 70-year-old 'bad boy' for as long as they did... any professional communicator who said anything like this on a national microphone should be fired, and who I really admire in all this are the NBC news employees who apparently went to their bosses and said 'him or us.'

"For all the bloviating about rap music, and why can they say this, and we can't, and blah blah blah -- which is a variation on a very old and very stupid argument -- let's see if it has any affect on the sponsors of people like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck who has his own national television show. Let's go see if the political dialog gets cleaned up in this country. Why you're seeing all this dust thrown up about rap music is because people don't want to concentrate on the kind of polite obscenity that white talk show hosts, particularly white conservative talk show hosts, have been trafficking in for fifteen years."

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