Monday, April 30, 2007

Tenet Sink

NPR has been giving a lot of coverage to George Tenet's latest whining about being a victim of the Cheney-Bush junta running the White House. I have to confess a certain pleasure in seeing some of the war rats (Tenet, Powell, Feith, and Perle) attacking their comrades as the realities of their crimes in the "war on terror" close in on them creating a sort of moral "Behavioral Sink." Beyond that though the coverage from NPR is sorely lacking in holding people like Tenet to account. As Huffington notes it is really ludicrous to take Tenet's complaining seriously, he's culpable up to his eyebrows in the criminal war in Iraq.
NPR should be educating its listeners on Tenet's documented role in helping to launching the Iraq war based on lies - and in encouraging the violation of international laws through his encouragement of torture and secret prisons.

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