Sunday, April 08, 2007

Vocabulary Lesson for "Airy" Shapiro

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Airy: 1. Of or relating to air [especially hot air!]. 2. Unreal, illusory.

Airy Ari talks to Liane Hansen this morning as he tries to prop up the sullied character of Consigleri Gonzales and cast aspersions on the Senate Judiciary Committee. First, here is how Airy characterizes the assertive letters of the Committee Chair Sen. Leahy: "The letters tend to be very pointed, almost snarky." SNARKY?

Snarky: 1. Crotchety, snappish. 2. Sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner.

Shapiro then describes one of the letters as demanding evidence of why the President claims there was no wrongdoing and lists evidence indicating wrongdoing. True it's not the subservient Congress that Shapiro has been comfortable with for the last 6 years, but it's not snarky. And if you look at Leahy's website you can find one of these letters to the White House and it's simply direct, professional and to the point.

There is a marked change in Shapiro's tone when the when Liane Hansen asks what Gonzales is doing to prepare for his upcoming April 17th testimony. Shapiro states, "This is his biggest make or break moment....his greatest opportunity to convince Congress and the American public that he deserves to remain Attorney General despite those mistakes." Now if that isn't a positive framing of the story. I wonder if Shapiro knows the following word:

Biased: 1. Giving a settled and often prejudiced outlook to.

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Unknown said...

Airy's NPR bio tells us that

Shapiro has taken on lighter subjects as well - such as a report on s├╝rstromming, a foul-smelling Swedish herring. He has traveled with the United States Coast Guard on a mission to disentangle an endangered North Atlantic right whale, and he’s attended the Daytona 500 to report on President Bush's appearance at the race.

In 2005, Shapiro was awarded the Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize.

Does that mean Airy won the award for attending the Daytona 500 of for reporting on surstromming?