Friday, May 18, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blair

Ok, were you brave enough for Inskeep and Blair?

Well trooper, the problems for Bush and Blair are all about confidence and a lack of patience! Blair tells us about "a fall in the confidence in your country and my country" about "what were doing in Iraq." Yes "we" are doing some amazing things in Iraq and Blair is all over it: "...that’s where you’ve got just very carefully to analyze what is actually happening there in order to see what you should be doing."

Blair concludes that "the reason why people in Britain, people in America have lost patience to an extent is because they see the carnage and the bloodshed...and that must mean the thing is wrong, and the truth of the matter is, it is being driven largely by al-Qaeda on the one hand, Iranian backed elements on the other hand who are linking up with a minority of extremists inside Iraq..."

Man, that is a wheelbarrow full, yet Inskeep says nothing to challenge this fantasy of al-Qaeda and Iran being the root of all problems in Iraq--and why should he? It's the standard line of NPR news anyway.

From Iraq, the interview moves on to Palestine and Israel (Be afraid.) Blair shows that he can match chutzpah with the best of the AIPACers: "You know, if you take the Palestinian issue, the reason why there’s not—you know the reason why there isn’t progress in Palestine in the way there should be is because the same forces are at work. Look there’s absolutely no doubt at all that you could get a Middle East peace process that would deliver an independent, viable Palestinian state and an Israel confident of its security living side by side in peace. The reason you can’t is that every time we get anywhere near progress, the same terrorism erupts—"

Same forces! He means al-Qaeda and Iran of course. And by terrorism he is only interested in the deaths of innocent Israelis (which is terrible). That Inskeep doesn't counter any of this is sad. Can you imagine him being so compliant if a Palestinian spokesperson made a nearly identical quote, but instead said, "you know if you take the Palestinian issue, the reason why there’s not—you know the reason why there isn’t progress in Palestine in the way there should be is because those in the US and Israel who thrive on war and conflict for power and profit are at work derailing it....every time we get anywhere near progress, the same Likud and neocon extremists assassinate some Palestinians or kill a bunch of civilians like the family on the beach last summer—

Oh that's right, in NPR world Palestinians and Iraqis count for three-fifths of a person...or maybe one fifth...or maybe nothing.


Porter Melmoth said...

Good, on-target analysis. 'Insipid' is a word I always associate with (soon to be Lord) Anthony Blair. If it's one thing I can't stand, it's having these world situations 'explained' by the very culprits who perpetrate them. The Brits got hornswoggled just like the Americans did, and as we know, Tony's cut from the same rubbishy cloth as the entire Bush Machine.
To their odd credit, NPR broadcast a snippet of Jimmy Carter's BBC interview, in which he accurately slammed Tony as being subservient to Bush, and all the other stuff that we know to be the truth. Tony's 'explanation' of the Palestinian situation is about as valid as Dubya lecturing us on how the Constitution works! But because Americans are so wowed by Tony's overripe, toffee-nosed accent, they assume he must be intelligent. I've always maintained that Tony's post-PM gigs should be on the London stage, where he can specialize in fops. Too bad Oscar Wilde isn't around to satirize him.

Unknown said...

Yes, and regarding Jimmy Carter's remarks, did you catch the response of "the White House"? As Amy Goodman reported, it (the talking house, that is) called his comments "sad," and one more sign of how he is becoming "increasingly irrelevant." Ugh, such polite barbarity.