Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What Are They Paying This Guy?

Ted Koppel weighs in on ATC yesterday.
"There really are US interests at stake in the creation of a relatively stable Iraq, but even from a purely partisan point of view, the Democrats are making a mistake. They should depoliticize the Iraq issue. If anything they should publicly hope for the success of the President’s policies. If he wins we all win."
When I hear this kind of crass stupidity and think of my sad, little $60-a-year contribution to my local NPR station helping to pay for it, I get really ticked off. "Relatively stable Iraq"? "Depoliticize the Iraq issue"? "Hope for the success of the President's policies"? "If he wins we all win"?!!! Holy #%<+!!


Kevan Smith said...

I told you it was a doozie! I honestly hadn't heard from Koppel since the 80s because I don't watch TV. My high opinion of him then went down the tubes lightning fast.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I heard this "informed commentary" while I was at work. When I got home the local public radio station calls asking for a donation. I pointed to the stupidity that masquerades as informed political commentary for the reason why I REFUSE to continue supporting public radio. Get new and better programming and I'll give them my money. Keep shoveling out this crap and I'll be damned if I help pay for it.

Porter Melmoth said...

Concerning the issue of supporting public radio, NPR itself seems as if its actually pretty flush with funding. The corporate names have done nothing but multiply, while not so many foundations are mentioned as often. I STILL hear that same line: 'that NPR listeners tend to SUPPORT companies that SUPPORT NPR'. It's the individual public stations that need the subscriber money more, but I have yet to hear of one that is even on the brink of closing. Radio station overhead is so low (compared to public television), it's almost shameful that they're asking for contributions from the individual listener at all. Of course, we've got Renee's trip to London to pay for (I wonder where she's staying, the Dorchester?), but can't ADM foot the bill for that BS from now on?

Anonymous said...

Hey, gentle folk,
You could always give your money to Pacifica, or your local free-speech station, or Democracy Now, to help keep real news reporting alive.


Anonymous said...

Big!Pink!Fuzzy!Bunny! Proud NPR freeloader since 1998 (right around the time my local affiliate axed the freely-distributed "Alternative Radio").