Friday, June 08, 2007

In the Shallow End

Inskeep interviews Bono this morning. There's a lot a great questions one could ask Bono in an interview. I would have liked to hear what he thinks his greatest accomplishments are in his work on Africa. It would have been fascinating to ask him if he has any misgivings of getting so chummy with leaders of the G-8 who have helped bring so much misery to Africa. Or what about a recent letter to Bono on debt relief?

Striving for banality, Steve Inskeep says, "I asked a lot of people what they wanted to know from you before this interview and there were a number of serious questions that were thrown out [no kidding!] and then people would say, what's up with the colored glasses, why does he do that?"

We all know what glasses Inskeep wears! I guess Bono has to be polite, but it would have been great if he could have responded by asking,"Are you trying to be stupid or does it just come naturally?"


Porter Melmoth said...

Really pathetic! Of course, NPR has become a veritable festival of lost opportunities, which is ongoing. Though their prestige is such that they can command the big names (on an increasingly discriminatory basis), opportunities for true journalistic development end up being squandered or repressed. To me, that's a big reason to rage here.

I imagine Bono forgot about his little NPR quickie a few minutes after it ended, and got back to more important things.

Life As I Know It Now said...

He wears rose colored glasses and he sees the sunny side of life. Why are you always with the negative waves, man? Okay, I'm joking. It is also a joke that NPR has even one journalistic bone in their corporate, nationalist body.